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A Theory About The Ending Of Episode 5

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No Spoilers as it's just my personal theory and I have seen no one else with the same one so here goes...

It's just something I picked up on when playing through episode 4.

As we all know at the end of episode 3 we had the train being followed by thousands of walkers, and as anyone who reads the comics or watches the Tv show will know, the herd gathers in numbers as it follows people or goes in the direction a loud sound is heard, even after the sound is gone they continue in that direction mindlessly walking.

During Episode 4 when you are escaping the bell tower in Crawford, Vernon says 'Did you guys come into town along the train lines?'

My theory is that the massive herd will make it's way into town during the final parts of episode 5, and the last few scenes could even be the group getting on the boat and driving off while Lee stands back at the docks.

Maybe.... just my theory anyway, I could be reading to deep into it but then again I might be right!

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  • Also just noticed right at the end of episode 4 there's an unusually large amount of walkers going past the Morgue windows right at the end, could be the start of the herd passing though?
  • Sounds too much like the end of the remake of Dawn of the Dead.
  • ARGHH! oh yeah completely forgot about that, I'm still betting the herd comes into Savannah and people loose their shit
  • I think your absolutely right as far as the train and the zombies go. But if everyone gets on the boat except Lee at the docks than how is he going to find Clem with the characters you chose to be with him. However, TT could do this to give you the illusion of choice again (my dearest Carley). But i think it'd be a waste of story structure to go that route. I'll find my ep 5 prediction on another thread and post it here so i dont have to type it again. Tell me what you think.
  • I think the people in the house (including the child now) are dead and have nothing to do with the rest of the season. The person who took Clem was obviously the one on the walkie talkie the whole time because of the conversation at the end. It does suck that lee gets bit but i think the final episode will play out like this. You (and whoever you have with you) will spend the rest of the game searching for Clem while having the characters with you dying off one by one in the process. Because let's face it, the characters we choose to live just end up getting killed off anyway cuz its easier for TT (my dearest Carley). Lee will start to feel worse as time goes by but at the end finds Clem but she's in danger and you spend your final moments battling zombies and giving her time to escape. I think it would be cool if Lee turns at the end with a cut scene and you get to play Clem only for a few seconds so you can make her shoot lee in the head.

    On my evil Lee im all by myself so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. :D
    Oh and i dont think you'll be able to play as Clem for season 2 because a huge part of the story was how do you survive in this world while protecting this child that needs you and learns from you
  • Lee will die. the rest is pretty open ended, from Murphy's law to everything goes right. I think you are right about the herd, maybe Vernon has eagle eyes and saw them coming and he just bolted after Lee denies his offer (dunno what happensif you accept). Still, no dought we will see other characters on the way, driven out by the hordes. Possible cameo from Molly, but if that happens she will be walker chow.

    Maybe we might get a Madagascar moment when Kenny starts to look like a giant steak with a handlebar mustache and a hat

    My thoughts go out to the telltale writing team, they have 8 different eventualities to plan out for for crying out loud!
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