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What kind of a guy is your "Lee"?

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What type of a guy is your "Lee"

1.Is your Lee a guy who still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope
2. Is your Lee a scumbag who's only looking out for himself
3. Or is your Lee a guy who sacrifices himself to save his own skin
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  • My Lee still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope, and will also sacrifice his life for protecting clementine.
  • Well I see several "Lee´s"

    1. The selfish Lee, manipulating and doing everything he can to help himself and taking advantage of any oppertunity that may come.
    2. The "Always trying to do the right thing, but everyone will hate you Lee". You try to stay neutral, do the right things, and always be super trustworthy and honest and always believe in other people although they keep acting like douchebags like Larry or not having your back etc or even lying to you.
    3. The, I look out for my squad Lee. Where he picks a side and stays strong with it, even if he knows what he is doing is not "right", because afterall, is stealing when ur hungry or killing when its kill or be killed not ok?
    4. The I already know whats gonna happen, so i know who i should be nice to and who i shouldnt...lee type ^^

    Personally Im the "realistic" Lee, and is very much like number 2...but i noticed..that as i played the episodes I actually changed..became more like looking out for my team not believing in other people and lying etc.

    Now doing a replay :)) tedious a bit..but fun :))) playing new "Lee´s" ^^

    Good thread +1
  • My Lee is based around what I think is right
    I always do what I think is right but sometimes lash out to protect those I care about
  • My main Lee is the good guy, not threatening people, always trying to be nice.
    My secondary lee is a "Screw kenny" one. I rarely try to be the bad guy in a videogame... but damn that man really annoys me to that point.
  • I have two saves, but my Lee is pretty much the same in both, honestly blunt or diplomatic as necessary, and kind.
  • My Lee is a mix, he has always cared for Clem and would tell her off when she ran off or scared me by doing something risky, other than when she went through the dog flap and when she found the boat - because I had pissed her off earlier when Lee scolded her and she DID do a good job.

    He's calm, not making a big deal of the bitten Duck situation and getting to calm Kenny down without violence. He tries to stay neutral unless I feel like one persons values trump another (I tried to save Larry).

    However he doesn't believe to strongly in a lot of chances - leaving Lilly to die, letting go of Ben and leaving the St. John brothers to get eaten. He will generally save woman and children out of sympathy, but chose Carley because she was a good shot and a role model for Clem.

    So, yeah :D
  • My Lee is a good guy. He continues to believe in humanity, in right over wrong and he continues to believe that there is still hope, however faint it may be. This does lead to him doing things that might not be too practical but he does them because it's the right thing to do.
  • Generally, I'd say my Lee is honest and diplomatic, he tries to get along with everyone in his group, and is as nice as possible towards Clem. On the other hand, he'll ruthlessly deal with anyone that threatens the lives of those in his group...even if that threat comes from within the group itself.
  • My lee is doing what is best for Clementine :p
  • My Lee has slowly changed from a trusting guy, who believes that there is hope in Episodes 1 and 2, to a colder, more survival minded Lee at the end of Episode 3 and into Episode 4. My Lee always tried to calm things down between Kenny and Lilly, even though I thought one was right and the other wasn't, and he believed in humanity and hope. He trusted the St. Johns, and his downward spiral began when he helped kill Larry in the meat locker.

    After killing Danny, he tried to hold onto his humanity by sparing Andy, not stealing the supplies, and shooting the girl in the street which strained his friendship with Kenny. After Carley died, my Lee left Lilly in the road and lost hope for the group. After Kat and Duck died, he pinned all his hopes on a boat just like Kenny and distanced himself from Chuck, Ben, Christa and Omid. Dropped Ben in the bell tower because he didn't think Ben could be saved, and wasn't willing to put his own morals over the group's safety. He tries to keep everyone elses' hopes up, but on the inside doesn't believe it when he says something positive and hopeful. He's lost the will to live, and only Clementine gives him a reason to keep going.
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