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It all comes down to if Chet is alive or not in your game!!!!

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Remember episode 1? If you go out in the day Chet is alive but at night he has become a walker. Little does everyone know this is one of the most important decisions you can imagine! Over the last 3 months Chet and his mom have become a duo that has learned to handle the walkers better then anyone else can. Chet now has a long red cape, a cool theme song and he can fly. His mom uses her legendary frying pan as a weapon which takes care of any walker in just 1-2 hits. At the end of the game you, Clementine and Kenny will be trapped in a small hallway with 12 walkers and you will all live if Chet is alive because he drops in from the ceiling and helps if he's dead then you all die. The end.
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