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If Lee dies who would you choose to...

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If Lee dies and lets say you get to chance to choose who takes care of Clem.
Before your going to die who would you choose?
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  • If it has to come down to Lee dying, then I'll choose Vernon to take care of Clem. I don't trust Kenny taking care of her. Omid has a life-threatening injury and Christa is pregnant. My guess is that they're not going to live much longer. Forget Ben. Molly doesn't seem like the type of person to take care of a child. Vernon is the only acceptable person to take care of her.
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    I doubt about to choose between christa and molly . both of them like clem. I don't know where is molly( alive or not) so I choose christa and omid
  • Christa and Omid are nice people, and with medicine I think Omid will pull through. Even though Christa is pregnant and Omid is injured, they are willing to go and save Clem at the risk of their own lives. They've proven, in my mind, to be the only ones able to, or that will at least try, to take care of her as well as Lee.
  • I would choose Omid & Christa they seem the good couple to take care of her and Omid's legs seems to be better. Omid seems like a nice guy and we have seen that Christa cares about Clem.

    Edit: how would Molly be good if she does those crazy stunts, like a 8 year old girl could keep up with her. She better out alone.
  • I chose Omid and Christa however I want to change my vote for Molly. I forgot that I suspected Christa is pregnant; ever since Omid got fuckin pissed at me for saving him before Christa onto the train (I did it cause he was hurt) I suspected it. She was the only one who threw up when I dug up the dog, and she got emotional or threw up or something when she saw the videotape of the pregnant woman in Crawford.

    If they have a child, they will be more inclined to look after their own rather than Clementine. Plus, in my story, Clementine saved Molly from the zombies so she knows that Clementine can be trusted. Also, Molly knows how to survive excellently.

    I don't feel comfortable giving her to someone I barely know like Vernon and I feel like Kenny just wants to kill himself now that his family's gone. And there's no chance in hell I'd give her to Ben; he's a complete fuck up.
  • Kenny
    Fuck.Off. Could you actually see him risking his life for her? Where was he when Duck nearly got bit? Where was he when Duck actually did get bit? Neither time was it him that actually saved the kid. He's a failure as a father and a role model, I'd rather train Clem to survive on her own than go with him.

    Omid & Christa
    They seem like a ready-made family for Clem to slot into. The only issue is how much of a liability Christa is, assuming, as we all do, that she's pregnant. Do they really want another mouth to feed anyway?

    Ha, no.

    He's working with Radioguy so not a chance in hell.

    This is an interesting choice. If you wanted a role model for Clem to learn how to survive, you probably couldn't ask for a better choice. Molly is intelligent, innovative, resourceful and independent. Yeah she's a bit cold but that's necessary. It's just a question of whether she'd want Clem around.

    I think I'd probably go with Molly.
  • For me it was between Omid & Christa / Molly. I originally thought about her going with Omid & Christa if something happened to Lee, but then Molly showed up and said how Clem reminded her of herself. Clem is already strong (to me) and I think Molly would make her a great survivor.
  • Probably Omid and Crista, but I hope lee doesn't die because he is the best person clem can look up to.
  • If it were possible to go back, and he were interested then Hershel. He has the resources and with Shaun dying he might even appreciate having another person around. I think he'd look out for her best interests.
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