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Vernon's foreshadowing in Ep4(spoilers)

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When your in the bell tower he asks if you came in from the train. " You didn't come in from the rail roads did you?" Well what do you think he saw? I figure he saw that giant herd of walkers we ran from when Omid hurt his leg.Anyone else has a thought?
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  • During the episode 4 live-stream, it was hinted that what Vernon saw was likely the horde from the end of episode 3.
  • I've been thinking about this a lot....

    If the horde is pretty much going on a straight line in a specific direction (barring a big enough noise to distract them towards another direction), wouldn't it be smart to try to get behind their lines and go the opposite direction?

    The horde gathers more and more zombie stragglers as they go on, leaving less in the direction they came from, so I'd try to hide and wait them out and as they pass, go in the opposite direction where there would be less zombies, in a way. There can't just be one horde group though.

    Another thing, the train in ep.3 was going pretty fast, how the heck did those zombies from where the train was stuck get to Savanna so fast?? Lee crew were riding that train for 7+ hours (I forget the actual time), that is a lot of miles!
  • Episode 4 was over the cource of several days, every walker that would have heard the train on the way would have followed. Millions of walkers are probably on their way.
  • It's pretty much a given that it was the herd. Seeing how at the end when Lee + whoever went with you back to the sewers, sees the huge herd of Walkers walking by above them.
  • I think it could be 2 things

    - there is a giant herd on it's way from the railtrack. Strange that he didn't mentions this later in the house.

    - dangerous people live near the tracks (more dangerous than Crawford).
    This could be our mysterie caller.

    I don't think Vernon is a bad guy so my guess is that he got spooked of something and took his crew elsewhere.
  • maybe he was just surprised about the working train and took off with it
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