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If Lee dies who would you choose to...

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If Lee dies and lets say you get to chance to choose who takes care of Clem.
Before your going to die who would you choose?
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  • If Carley were still alive then I'd chose her, as she saved her on multiple occasions. While (my) Kenny has been rather nice to me, I can't see him protecting Clementine at all, especially since I've never seen him protect his own family, he's always just getting angry at others. Ben is a for sure no as he has left her when she needed her the most, and also has left her alone when ordered to do the opposite. While I do enjoy Omid and Christa I can't see how they can defend and watch over Clementine, especially if they do indeed have their own child they'll need to look after.

    If Molly were to come back I'd probably choose her as she's fast, reliable, strong, and does seem to take a lot attention and care when it comes to kids, especially Clementine, so if it were a choice, I'd choose Molly. If not, then the best next choice would be Omid and Christa.
  • anonymau5;705251 said:
    That makes two of us.
  • Christa and Omid are a nice couple and seem to like Clem so ill take them. Ben has to be the worst choice, he left her behind and then lost her twice. :D
  • Molly can teach Clem a couple of things and Clem is awesome enough that she would be able to keep up with Molly and keep her alive
  • Viser;705502 said:
    That makes two of us.
    Now it's three :)
  • MrBluenitro7;705586 said:
    Now it's three :)

    I like Ben...
    to an extent but after episode 4 with him abandoning her...

    Do you want Clem dead?
  • Lol anyone choosing Ben must be troling or want Clem dead. Its like suicide.
  • Hudomonkey;705587 said:

    I like Ben...
    to an extent but after episode 4 with him abandoning her...

    Do you want Clem dead?
    Hell no, but I want Ben to live, and Clem's gotta teach the boy how to handle himself :D
    He's seen holding a gun plenty of times, but he's never seen firing it, makes you wonder if he can actually do it.

    On a serious note, though, I don't really know who I would leave Clem with, but I'm not ruling Ben out, seriously... especially if he shows that he's grown on episode 5. I bet that decision would have the weirdest outcome :p

    Lee's last words to her:

    Clem: "You're leaving me with Ben?"
    Lee: "No, I'm leaving Ben with you. Understand?"
    Clem: "Oooh!"
  • I voted Molly. Ben's heart's in the right place but he's still inept as hell, and Kenny... well, we know how well he took care of his own family.

    Omid and Christa are from Cali, probably the Silicon Valley/San Francisco area. If I know anything about these people they'll tell you whatever they think you want to hear and have absolutely no intention or capacity to follow through.

    They seem cool now, but it's only a matter of time before they abandon or fail Lee in some spectacular fashion.
  • I never even read the description,I thought it was who you wanted to play as,I chose Molly.

    I would however have chosen Omid & Christa to take care of Clem.

    I think that I would tell Molly if we see her again and if she stays with the group,(which I think she will)then I want her to train Clementine to survive or something along those lines.
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