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Do you think Larry was dead when he had the heart attack?

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I know Larry was loud and annoying, but I thought it was pretty funny to see him pissed anyway. I liked Larry, he was interesting as a character; and I liked the fact that someone in my group would blackmail me if I took one misstep...

What do you think, was he dead before his head was crushed?

I think Lee was still able to save him, Larry would have permanant brain damage if Lee didn't do anything within 4 minutes. Plus, no one had a phone and call 9-1-1...
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  • It's speculated either Lilly/Lee revived him or Larry re-animated as a walker just before Kenny crushed his head because his mouth started to move. Even though I helped Kenny, I believe he was revived by Lilly. I don't walkers come back that quickly.
  • I made the decision to help Lilly and it seem like he was going to make it.

    Right before he gets hit with cube, you can see him moving his mouth almost like he was regaining consciousness
  • From a realistic medical point of view he was probably dead. Every heart attack which someone already had, weakens that heart. Larry already had some. Than he fell immediately in a coma and the heart stopped beating -> during "normal heart attacks" it doesn't. (must have been a very strong or lethal one) Last but not least old people like Larry normally don't survive a cardiac massage if they don't gain medical support afterwards.
    Kk.. Maybe this is a too realistic point of view; probably Telltale just want that we don't know the answer :P
  • the definition of dead changes with no doctors about, so in that context i believe he was dead
  • Realistically, he was dead the moment his heart stopped in a room without a defibrillator but, IIRC, in one of the Playing Dead episodes the TTG folks said that the scene was meant to be ambiguous.
  • Phoenix VII;705377 said:
    Realistically, he was dead the moment his heart stopped in a room without a defibrillator
    You don't shock a flatline. So scratch that "realistically". :D
  • I wanted to think yes but I really think he was alive...
  • Honestly, I'm not sure. I went for Lilly straight away because I couldn't help Kenny kill the guy without knowing if he was dead for sure, and Lilly's pleading for help really got to me (amazing voice-acting not only on that scene, but on the whole game, by the way).
    But that could've gone either way. I think Kenny made the wrong call by being too hasty, but I'm kinda glad we didn't have to find out if Larry was dead or not.
  • I honestly dont know. He already had one before so his heart was already weak and i dont think CPR restarts a heart. But in the end, i think risking the entire group on it is stupid.
  • Depends on how severe it was, he might have been unconscious...
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