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I can't get the option to talk to brenda

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When you escape the freezer and go up to the house I get in say the right answers to "It doesn't have to end like this" and "let her go brenda" that's the last thing I can do I try to get close to get to talk to her again then she says I dont want to kill you lee then shoots me and I stop when she says I don't want to kill you lee.... I am pretty mad that if there's some kind of problem with episode that I paid for. Please help me out. I love the game but not going to buy anymore and take a chance to face this same problem. I've tried it at least 10 times now..
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  • I'm not sure this part of the game is glitched so much as just not clear on what to do. When you're walking toward Brenda, walk forward VERY SLOWLY until she points the gun at Lee and yells. When she does, immediately halt all forward movement and stand perfectly still. Wait a moment, and an option to talk to her should pop up.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The above comment is good advice.

    A few people have mentioned this problem, so I'd also like to note that some controllers over time will no longer default to the 'center' position. Though the difference may be indistinquishable in game, it is possible that the controller is registering movement during this scene.
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