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[PS3] Walking Dead deleted all my saves

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booted up my ps3 today, went to walking dead and it said there was an error and it would correct itself. after allowing it to do it's thing, i went to play and all my saved games are gone. the file is still in the saved folder though. any help?

edit: the save file may have also been altered because it's only 167KB now. crap, did i just lose everything??
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  • I have another PS3 save issue for Episode 4. Just watching the story unfold, at which point it looked like it was a save point, I get a Save Error message. 'Save Data Corrupted.. Attempting to re-create'. This was in the middle of a cut scene as it attempted to auto-save and I was NOT trying to turn off the system (just wanted to make that clear).

    It's such a great game story telling wise.. that I'm fed up with these save glitches. Episode 2 had a major problem, but they patched that and Episode 3 had no issues on the save front. Yet here we are again on Episode 4 and I get an error in the middle of gameplay.

    All my data for the game has been deleted and now I have to start from the beginning. Hours invested, wasted; way to go Telltale. You've lost me as a customer, but you probably could care less. I have a hard time now of recommending it to others because I say "It's a good game.. but, you'll lose your saves..."

    FYI.. I'm running on an original PS3 (fat model). Had already completed one play-through of Ep. 4.
  • So when episode two came out it deleted all my saves.
    Now episode four comes out and deletes all my saves.
    I'm not gonna go through a whole step-by-step of what happened to me this time, but I'll give you a little checklist.
    Step one: Enjoy all your money, pay off your car/house.
    Step two: Say you're concerned about this PS3 problem and say you're gonna try to fix it.
    Step three: Buy a boat maybe?
    Step four: Go fuck yourselves, Telltale.
  • S
    Step four: Go fuck yourselves, Telltale.

  • An another one, I just bought my Ps like last year its not a slim, an The same data error popped up for me, will recreate it said, 4times then my screen froze, so I turned of system an restarted it, an All my saved game data was gone Both saved games slot1 slot2, happened on re-play (saved game 2 slot) of chapter four on the stairs of the Armory room, while I was fighting of the walkers pouring in an approaching me up the stairs.....what is this, I pre-ordered all chapters is it because of that..?:eek:

    also is it because of the PS+ be a member thing.... cause i heard you have to have a Ps+ account to have auto save, man I haven't had to save my game since way
  • My game froze at the end of episode four, so i waited about an half hour for it to unfreeze but it didnt. So I shut off my ps3 and when i turned it back on all my game data was gone for every single episode. Now i have to start this shit all over again.
  • Mike wrote: »

    We were able to reproduce this issue today and will have a patch on PSN as soon as humanly possible, but I don't have an ETA on when that will be. It's definitely being worked on now.

    In the short term, you can avoid this happening by not using the third save slot for a unique playthrough of the game. You can copy a save to that slot, but if you use all three slots for unique playthroughs, it increases the chances of seeing this issue. The saves will not become corrupted if only using 1 or 2 slots.

    Again, we will have a patch up on PSN for this ASAP, and I'm definitely sorry that some of you have been affected by it.


    This is the fifth time my save files have been deleted on account of this save glitch. Since I bought the season pass, I've decided not to play through again until the final episode is out, because i've already invested 40+ hours of time into this game just in replays.

    Suggestions: add a way to fast-forward through dialogue/extended videos; tailor a list of options that the character makes through the story so the player can start a fresh chapter without 'random choices'

    It's a great game, but I'm NOT replaying it again... work out those bugs
  • Give us our money back! Please! All I wanted was to play the game through and explore different story options, but that too hard wasn't it?
  • You can't refund the hours it took me to play through your mediocre game - at least give me my money back! I've only been able to play to the end of the second episode without my save being deleted! I paid for the whole season pass! And got pissed on.
  • You can't refund the hours it took me to play through your mediocre game - at least give me my money back! I've only been able to play to the end of the second episode without my save being deleted! I paid for the whole season pass! And got pissed on.

    exactly, we're being ripped off
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We have submitted the version 1.03 patch to correct this issue to Sony Europe and are just waiting to hear back. It could take some time, as they need to evaluate the patch with their QA department. Once the patch is approved and released, you will be automatically prompted to download the patch when you start your game. This patch is available for North American users. I do apologize for the delay.
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