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Just bought the episode pack but its saying coming soon next to all of them, and I whant to know if any more episode have been released for iOS and if they have how do I download them?
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  • Iv tried everything multiple time including deleting and re-installing but it's still saying coming soon next to all the episodes.
  • Make sure you have an excellent wifi connention and lastest updated walking dead app. Sign out of app store. Open walking dead app. Shut down device. Turn on device. Sign in on app store. Open walking dead app and tap to continue. Hope to god it works!
  • Does it say coming soon to ALL episodes or just for episode 4 and 5?
  • It sais coming soon next to episode 2,3,4&5. And iv tryed but nothing so far has worked sorry
  • It took me about 5,000 attempts and it finally says "Get" the only problam now is it stays on 0.00 percent downloaded and the sais that tere is a connection error :(
  • I told you it would work! Thank god. Download each episode in order. Because your device isn't downladding from wifi you should try this. Turn off wifi from device and turn off device as well. Then Turn off wifi box for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds switch wifi box back on and turn on device. Turn wifi back on from iOS device and straight away download each episode in order. If it doesn't work repeat steps and try it downloading from someone elses wifi [eg. Family, friends house, mcdonalds (lol)] but I'm glad you got it working again. MAKE SURE WIFI CONNECTION IS STRONG.

    You have to do lots of work to get the next episodes on ios but trust me it is well worth it, and worth the money too.
    Hope I helped! :)
  • Thanks a lot for your help so far but it's 1am were I am and I really do need to go to sleep ill have a go tomorrow morning but.
    Thanks for your help
  • It's all working now. :) thanks a lot for your help. Time to go save clem
  • Your welcome. Now its time to enjoy this brilliant game. Although we still need to wait for further episodes to come out and once all 5 episodes come out, there will be another 5 in season 2! I just hope clem doesn't die or anything later on in the game. If she does I will be heart broken and never play this game again.
  • I hope clem doesn't die she's probably my favourite character in the game.
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