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Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway Hardcover Numbers

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What number Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway (hardcover edition) did you get? I plan on taking all numbers posted and compiling a list of corresponding usernames. Obviously this isn't going to be complete since not everyone who bought a copy frequents the forums, but I thought this might be cool.

Click here for list:

I'll try to update the list every day or two.
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  • I got 1193

    It took 2 weeks to get here, and some weird £12.45 charge(What the?) but its finally here.
  • Kayaia;70547 said:
    I got 1193

    It took 2 weeks to get here, and some weird £12.45 charge(What the?) but its finally here.
    customs vat and handling
  • patters;70549 said:
    customs vat and handling
    I'm starting to get the feeling that U.K. customs hate people.
  • Morden;70490 said:
    Yea well, as long as the book is selling ... I just feel cheated out of a higher number because of how poorly things were planned. It would be nice to have a list of orders and list of numbers so that people could actually see which number in line they had and what number they eventually got.

    I know I wasn't the first one to order the book, but I sure wasn't the 1225th.

    I know ... I know ... But then again I see people posting messages "I got mine TODAY! Number 234!". Mine had to travel all the way to Europe, and the number is fairly high. The order was shipped on the 14th so it must have been the first batch out, right? I guess mine just got picked from the wrong box. It is signed, it is special, but 2XX is still more special than 12XX. Heck... If I got the 1250 it would be perfectly fine. Nice and clean, right from the middle. But noooo ... I had to get the special number of 1225.
    But look at all the nice things that happened in 1225:
  • I'm gonna go pick up my copy from the post office in a bit, I got slapped with a 16 quid fee which i'm not at all happy about. I'll be more than a little pissed if it's handling fees and customs, VAT pisses me off enough because it just seems so unfair we in the UK get such a massive 17.5% whopper in there (plus customs says that books are charged EITHER 0% or 17.5%.. wth? there's no rhyme or reason or explaination as to what will get stung)

    The bitching about numbers, well... I'm not that fussed though I do have to admit, the shambles with the first couple of hundred is a bit of a joke. Not Telltales fault mind, it's the warehouse.
    I would have liked to have gotten a lower number because I preordered but that's the way it goes I suppose, seems Telltale don't have much control over their warehouse and the staff who appear to be opening boxes at random and sending them out. Perhaps next time guys, it might be worth the time and effort to send things this important out yourselves like you did with the case files. That way you ensure they get processed the way you intended instead of the random and chaotic shambles.
    That said, while people are getting books in the 1000 i'm yet to see any 2000. So it may be random but it seems to be only the boxes they can get to easily (i'm imagining the 2000's are at the bottom of a large stack hahaha)
  • i got number 1181...didn't i tell you people to get me number 1??

    okay, actually....i didn't. :D i like it the way it is..
  • 1035 here! I admit, i'm rather happy with that. I didn't want a random number but something that felt more... complete. 1035 is a nice complete number. I like 5's.

    The book is beautiful, i'm pleased as punch despite the vat charge
  • Oh, and on the topic of customs and tax charges, the packages are labeled "Software made in USA". I don't know if this applies to tax fees by customs aswell but generally the tax for books is lower than tax for software. Not to mention labeling a package containing a book with "Software" is incorrect. It's not software. It's a book!
  • Believe me, as Emily has said several times, we've been on our warehouse's ass about that for almost two years now with no luck.
  • Get yourself another warehouse? One that gets the job done properly? *looking at the number list from this thread* I actually got the 2nd highest number up to date. I got 1225 and Shanks got 1266. This suck soooo bad. Thanks WAREHOUSE.
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