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What should Lee's last words be?

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Title says it all. Assuming TellTale doesn't come up with a stupid copout like finding the cure or the bite being shallow, what do you think Lee's should say just before he turns or the rest of the group leaves? Who should he say them to?

I think my Lee would first say something simple like "I'm proud of you sweet pea. Always hold on to hope, without it we have nothing"

Then he would turn to the rest of the group and say "I know sometimes it seems like there's no point in struggling anymore. No point in scrounging for food like animals, spending every waking moment afraid and close to death. I feel the same way sometimes. But then I just look at each and everyone one of you and realise I'm surrounded by real heroes, people willing to put their life on the line to save another's. With people like you, it's only a matter of time before humanity wins and proves itself worthy to survive.Goodbye"

Long I know, and really cheesy but I'd like to hear it. It would be embarrassing if he died and turned halfway through the screech though. :P
So what would you're Lee's last words be?
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