walking dead episode one wont install

i bought the season pass and then went to get the first episode.
got to the page and it said 430mb or something so pressed download and it started but only 2847kb file , it finnished and installed .
but there is nothing under my game list .

so went into the game save data and deleted all walking dead content .
went back to store and tried again , same thing says its a 400 + file but all i get is 2847kb and then it finnishes and installs .

i have the new playstation store .
now i am hoping its a problem with the new store but i was wondering if it could be anything else .

have done a restore file system and database and then tried again but it wont give me the 400+ file just a 2847kb one .

i even deleted the free theme you get with the season pass .

have contacted sony and the guy there said when he went in the store it said under the season pass page "try free" well i dont get that message on my store , its been escalated to the tech ppl but i really want to play the game .

any suggestions ? ?

thanks dan


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    I ve bought the season pass from the new store ( which sucks ) there is only the demo. Also i ve downloaded episode 2 but it dissapeared.

    Now i can not play... Besides the demo :mad:
  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    Make sure you download both the game content (demo - 430mb) and the unlock key (2187kb).
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    I have this "unlock key" you said, but where is this file which has more than 10 MB?
  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    When you choose Episode 1 from the Playstation Store, there are 2 downloadable files listed. One is the Episode 1 content, listed as Demo, and the other is the unlock key. please install both.
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