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  • Why the question face? This is like Anakin turning to the Dark Side; it was destined to happen all this time. And it's about time it did, too.
  • Question face because it's not actually confirmed. Rest assured, I will be extremely excited if it becomes official. Did AdventureGamers edit a part where he was referred to as the latest Telltale designer, or am I dreaming this?
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    No, Udvarnoky, you're not dreaming.
    They've edited out that line.
    But why on the earth should TellTale mention a Stemmle's remark in their press-release if he's not involved in anything?
    I'm optimist.
    Probably he's about to join them but nothing is official yet.
  • Mike Stemmle: Official game press release commentator.
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    LOL! :))
    Anyway..."Daaaaaaaaaaan? You cannot put Mike's name in a press-release and think we can actually keep a low & not-drooling profile!!!!!" :D
  • Mike Stemmle: Official game press release commentator.
    Hmmm... you might be more right than you thought with that remark.

    'Cause it looks like it might have just been a goof on Marek's part.


    Listen Telltale, you hire Stemmle now!

    Please? O:)
  • Ah well. At least this means Stemmle isn't dead, and that he apparently still cares about the games industry to some extent. But is he still involved in it?
  • I think there's still hope that he'll get back into the business. Just not for the immediate short term. Why else would he be sticking his nose into Telltale's business if he's no longer interested in this kind of thing? Hehe... maybe he just likes to meddle.
  • He's not sticking his nose or meddling in anything. The quote thing is as simple as it seems. But yes, I would love to see him work on games again. I didn't mean to imply that he wouldn't care about games anymore, it's just we haven't heard from or of him since he was laid off last year and if he's done anything game-related we probably would have heard about it. I'm just excited to see his name again. He is one of the great adventure designers/writers, after all.
  • I still think he's up to something... Even if it's to become the Roger Ebert of reviewing adventure games and their distribution methods.

    Yeah, that's right. I went there.
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