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AMC The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 Discussion

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What did we learn from today's AMC Walking Dead Episode 2

There are a lot of similarities and differences from the tv show to the comic books.

The four original prisoners from the comic books turned out to be 5 in the tv show.
- Rick kills 2 and another one killed another different inmate that was bitten (even though it looked like the walker scratched him). Leaving 2 left alive in their own cell block. One is confirmed to be Axel and the Other named is Oscar. Oscar is a completely new character that is not in the comic books.

Looks like the tv show decided to take the route of dale where he survive's the leg amputation. It was very interesting and great tv drama by making Hershal heart stop and he comes back alive from Lori's CPR.

It looks like they made Carl advice in his skills and wits much earlier in the tv show compared to the comics. Carl is not afraid to handle walkers by himself (killing 2 so he claims) and was able to find medical supplies to help save Hershel.

It doesn't seem like Carroll has gone crazy in the tv series (or not yet) compared to the comic. She looks to be their new "doctor/nurse" in the group.

Ricks/Lori's Marriage
In the comic book the marriage was fine and not shaky. The t.v. show their marriage is on the rocks.

Lori's Baby
We have no idea how this event is going to turn out.

Next Episode
The comic books had the airplane crash where Rick/Glenn/Michonne investigates the crash. In the preview of the next episode it seems to appear that only Michonne/Andrea investigates the crash. We see the governor investigates the crash as well and captures them both.

Merle Dixon
We see a sneak peak of Merle will appear in this episode. This suggest that he is probably in woodbury and tells the governor about the other people from Andrea's group therefore the governor looks to find the prison

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