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Chance of dlc or mods?

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Episode 5 is close and will be the game finisher i imagine...
With how much this game is trending and how amazing it is !
Who would be intrested in dlc or mods?
How would it work out? how could you do it?

It would be great to see this like they could make a side to christa and omid's side before they met lee and the group. Would be intresting to see how they handled it all.
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  • It would be cool to play out alternate timelines, like if Mark, Larry, and Carley/Doug survived, hold up a new location, etc. Just some ideas.
  • Macon Bacon;705962 said:
    It would be cool to play out alternate timelines, like if Mark, Larry, and Carley/Doug survived, hold up a new location, etc. Just some ideas.

    Or even just play as them as the Zombie outbreak started, or right before it, get a feeling of just where they were as they were attacked.
  • Alternate Timelines +1.

    Welcome back Larry :D
  • I don't really seeing it working out all that well. The mods part I mean, DLC would basically just be more episodes, which are already confirmed so that's good.
  • I would love to see what happened between Lee and his wife, how it led to her cheating him with the senator and how Lee killed him.
  • i would only buy full games, DLC doesn't exist to me
  • The only feasible thing I can see Telltale EVER making DLC for is Poker Night, with new characters, games, items, etc. (Sorry, off topic.) Telltale would never make DLC for games to "continue the story." That would just be a slap in the face to the consumer. As for mods, you won't find any. Though, if you look hard enough, you MIGHT find the Character Models. I remember seeing some from BTTF floating around in random GMod videos and maybe and SFM or two. Though I haven't begun to look so i could be entirely wrong...
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Seasons, episodes, sequels or prequels - hell yeah!

    "DLC" in the conventional sense, I really hope not. One of the fundamental advantages of episodic gaming is that you get one (hopefully) consistent story. Once the story is finished, the Season is finished.

    For what it's worth, I love the Mass Effect series (with the exception of its DRM and its ending). Some of the ME2 DLCs really added to the series (those ending in -ker). But even those DLCs that I liked felt either tacked on (Firewalker) or missing from the original game (Shadow Broker).

    CLOSURE is what's missing from narrative games these days. Games with a real ending. Telltale at least sometimes delivers. I don't want that ruined by endlessly expanding their stories ad infinitum. Present not-to-be-spoiled developments in the TWD game point towards a definite ending to the Season. I'd want that.
  • I would only be interested how Omid & Christa make it that far from all the way to the bridge. :) Team Christa :D
  • dlc is fast becoming an excuse to cut games short and sell the cuttings as extra's for more money.

    and in some cases an excuse to piss off gamers, by lacking effort and originality.

    saints row the third dlc was utter shite.

    borderlands 2 dlc first pack, a bug ridden (the 'invincible' bosses) 3-4 hour pirate level with some questionable npc's kinda funny but also really creepy. (kind of a general tone of borderlands 2 was way darker than the first game)

    all the cod games constant map packs

    and the hit and miss gears of war 3.
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