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Can we have an Android port please?

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Dear Teltale!
I have been thinking about buying Walking Dead, but I always hesitate, because I can't really see myself as playing with a "simple" (not literally what I mean!) game compared to Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3 on PC, but when I saw that there will be an iOS port with new touch interface, my heart started pounding!

Only problem is, that I own an Android device, a Sony Ericson Neo V phone with 1 core 1Ghz CPU and Adreno 205 GPU. Dead Trigger with Tegra 3 graphics (water effects+ragdoll effects+advanced lighting) runs fine on this device.

This is how it looks:

image image
image image
(Please note that the minor graphical bugs you see are not present during gameplay, the program used to make the screenshot is responsible for those bugs)

I assume if Dead Trigger can run with advanced graphics like that on a 1 core ARMv7 CPU+Adreno 205 GPU, then Walking Dead could run with minor or no lag at all.

So could you please port it for Android too? Like I said, I hesitated about the purchase of the PC version, but I would pick up all episodes on Google Play, that is 100%.

Please don't let down your fans by making this an Apple exclusive title. That would not just hurt your fans, but also would not be good on financial side. Apple is great, iPhone/iPad are neat devices, however in almost all major countries (including the United States and most European countries) iOS sales are nowhere near Android sales.

Just in the US 51% of smartphone users are Android users and iOS is "only" 32%.

So please make the Walking Dead episodes for Android too :)
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  • The Galaxy S3 sold 10 million units in its first few month...
    10 Million with one smart phone. You can't say theirs not a market for the game on android.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I remember reading that android do have the majority share smartphone market.
    If you made the game and limited it to ics and above devices the majority of compatible android systems should have the specs to run it.
  • All platforms including IOS has it. When will it be out for Android?
  • I'd also like to see it released on android!
  • People are still holding their breaths for a Vita port too XD
  • hello, I conveyed to know if the walking dead moved the game to android. I love this game too, and I would love to see him on my cell phone. I want to know specifically if they plan to release a android version after finishing the series, or something.

    Hope you can understand, not speak English and use Google translator.


    hola, me comunicaba con el fin de saber si trasladaran the walking dead the game a android. Amo demasiado este juego, y me encantaria verlo en mi telefono celular. Quiero saber especificamente si piensan liberar una version android luego de terminar la saga, o algo asi.

    Espero que puedan entender, no se hablar ingles y uso Google traductor.

    Un saludo
  • This has been discussed before. To bring you up to speed, they've said that android is too varied a platform for them to feel comfortable releasing it for the time being, but it's not out of the question (according to other interviews). I don't know if it'll be topical today, but you might want to search the forums for "android" and see what you find.
  • We want TWD on Android Systems, What more time we have to way Guys?

    When going to appear for android? Rather, it will appear one day?

    Say all what you know please we want it!
  • So you joined well over a year ago and this is your first post?

    Hi :)
  • Welcome to the forums. In a playing dead episode, one of the developers stated that there are no current plans to release the game over android devices.
  • Zeruis;706124 said:
    Welcome to the forums. In a playing dead episode, one of the developers stated that there are no current plans to release the game over android devices.
    Seriosly? oh crap.... i really like this game, why they make it to IOS then, IOS and ANDROID are really like
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