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Is there a way to skip having to replay the game.. manually enabling choices Ive made

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I'm replaying the game for a third time because of save deletions / corruptions for the PC on Steam.

I'm on the first Chapter again at the general store, and sometimes in windowed mode (haven't tested in fullscreen because goddamn 3 times seriously what the shit man) the game suddenly stops accepting my input. Not completely mind you. I can still walk around, but I can no longer click highlighted items. They light up and I can click them, but Lee doesn't engage in conversation or pick up the item, so I'm trapped in the room.

(Fuck this)


Is there some kind of file I can open up to select / manually change what I did on my first playthough so I don't have to waste 4-6 hours of my life?


Is there a way to skip cutscenes?
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  • Nope and nope. If you want to start in a later episode, the game is going to give you random choices. No way to say which you would prefer. I agree, that should be an option, but nothing to be done. And if there's a way to skip cutscenes I don't know about it but wish I did.
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