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Clearly Matt P. has no answer to our problem with iPad downloads

posted by Aarond on - last edited - Viewed by 361 users
Connecting to a strong wifi network is not the issue. My connection is 25 Mbps. I have rebooted six or seven times and still am unable to download the new game. Others have the same problem.

Matt's only answer in this and other threads is "connect to a strong wifi network." When folks say that does not work, there is no follow-up with alternative solutions.

Matt, I am not picking on you personally. You're the only representative of telltale games on these threads, and I am just using your name to make the point. Your players need an answer, and connecting to a stronger wifi network is not the solution. Please acknowledge the problem and give us a sticky thread with a range of solutions.

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  • Yeah, very frustrating. When so many people are having the same issues, with a paid for app, you'd expect some level of resolution that actually fixes the problem.
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