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what were those markings on the buildings in savannah?

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I found the paper in the class room but it was hard to read what it all meant.
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  • My guess is that they were left by inhabitants of Crawford, marking places of significance or something. I've been wondering this too.
  • it looked like some kind of weird maths or code for the perfect society or something made by a crazy person, but i could have missed something
  • FEMA has a similar system, they go door to door after a disaster and then mark the houses they've visited. Basically a spraypainted grid that lists found survivors, found dead, and some other stuff.

    The markings in the game were basically the initials of the person that investigated a house, how many people eligible to join the community were found, and how many unfit were found.

    Although I wonder why they even bothered. If one can't survive long enough to make it to the safe zone without help, what's the point? Those people were probably what brought down whatever that community called itself.
  • Each marking had a date (days since outbreak it looked like), who inspected the building, how many people were found that were eligible (to be taken to Crawford), ineligible, and dead. Or maybe the numbers aren't quite right, but that's the gist of the numbers.

    It didn't have any real significance, just showing the history of the place and how involved the system was.
  • It was a simple system marking number of survivors/dead/walkers found in each house and the date of inspection. Possibly also initials of the searcher, I don't remember.

    Anyway, if you're interested, rewind the game to the time when you're inside the school building, it is possible for Lee to find exact info on that, documents may be found either in the classroom or in the doctor's room.
  • i could say why would they bother, but there is no point in trying to figure out the reasoning behind a leader that is against procreation, it's so badly thought out it's insane
  • The paper was very clear.

    It listed Days since the initial outbreak, number of potential citizens, walkers, etc.
  • thestalkinghead;706338 said:
    i could say why would they bother, but there is no point in trying to figure out the reasoning behind a leader that is against procreation, it's so badly thought out it's insane
    I'm not sure Crawford was badly thought out because it was against procreation.

    Long term survival is impossible in TWD. The current generation of humans is the last, and the species will be extinct within a few years. (This assumes, that no one develops immunity/finds a cure, but so far the TWD zombie apocalypse seems "perfect".)

    So, what's the point of babies in TWD? They don't let people sleep, make a lot of noise, use a lot of resources, and they aren't going to live enough to grow into children.

    The issue around babies is whether they are important for morale. Crawford failed because it made people so miserable that they snapped. Maybe babies would have prevented that. However, instead of babies, maybe Crawford could have kept morale up in other ways that don't have as many risks and drawbacks.
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    Here's a recreation of the exact sign example found in the classroom.
    It's an upside-down anarchy sign, by the way. :p
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    It's this. Military used it after Katrina (in new orleans). Basically it tells anybody who comes after them that the house was searched already. It also let's workers know if there are dead that need to be pulled from the house.
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