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Surfin' the Highway: differences between paperback and hardcover

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Could anyone tell me the differences between the two editions, besides the obvious of course :p I love my hardcover VERY much :D, but I have to admit I was a bit puzzled when I went through it, not to find the following illustrations ^^ (obviously those are photos of the paperback edition, but my sick mind needs some explanations from a third party).


Dang! I wanted that old-timey photo of Steve Purcell and now the spoiled kid in me is a tad disappointed :p Maybe I should also buy the paperback, then? Daaaamn :D
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  • Those photos are all from the "dust jacket" of the paperback. (It's not really a dust jacket, just the actual cover with fold in flaps).

    I guess the hardcover doesn't have those because it would have spoiled the actual cover to have the "blurb" on the back and fold-over flaps....
  • That photo of Steve would go nice on the inside back flap of the hardcover.

    Now that I think of it.... anyone want to scan that photo of steve so I can print it off and use those old scrapbook photo holders to stick it on?
  • That's actually the only thing I thought was missing from the hardcover edition. The dust cover. It would be cool to have the paperback style dust cover.
  • What are the differences between the soft and hard covers,Hmmm,let me put down my otter pop and help out!

    Well for starters the softcover version is much lighter which makes for much easier shoplifting from your local is also much more compact and easily smuggled into church or that next court arraignment for smuggling illeagally harvested giraffe necks.

    While not as compact as the softcover version,the hardcover has a much greater heft to it,which in turn makes it much more effective when used to pummel that no good cheating ex girlfriend or traffic cop who pulled you over for not signaling before driving on the sidewalk.

    The hardcover with its fancy embossed cover also makes a dandy addition to your bookshelf of fine literature and rates a second glance even when in the company of such earth shaking literary greats as "War and Peace","Moby Dick" and "Coffee,Tea or Me"!
  • You crack me up, little buddy! :p *applauses :D*
  • I use the embossed hardcover for signaling decoder messages to my friend's house. Extremely effective as reflective surfaces go. Way to go Telltale.

    but everything else s&mfp said was pretty much spot on. All they need to do now is invent a hybrid which will bring flexibility and low-quality paper standards with high costs.
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