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crazy theories about Lee

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1) he lost his memory in the crash and is slowly remembering it (like his dream in the barn) but he didn't want to tell people because he was worried it would make him seem weak or whatever

2) Lee is a delusional ghost that only Clementine can see (revealed in flash backs where he wasn't there and other people did what he did) and he is Clementine's father :eek:

thoughts on these theories are welcome and any crazy theories of your own are welcome :)
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  • 55) After the death of Carly/Doug Lee couldn't take it anymore and committed suicide only to secretly be revived by a group of amnesia inducing worms that crawled into his brain and induced forward recall memory to show Lee the future if he didn't die.
  • 56) All that's happening isn't real. Lee is dreaming this all, and he wakes up in a police car seconds before it crashes.
  • 57) Everyone has just eaten some bad cake.
  • ElderBoss;686802 said:
    57) Everyone has just eaten some bad cake.
    It's not my fault.
  • Motordead;672054 said:
    10) The whole ZA is Clem's dream and in the end of Ep 5 she wakes up in her bed. Her parent's leave for Savannah that day.
    Very Final Destination-esque
    58) Lee is in a mental hospital and has been living out a zombie apocalypse in his own deranged little world
  • thestalkinghead;679066 said:
    50)Lee is linked through the fictional world multi-verse and shares his life essence with L.J from resident evil:
    image image
    ha well the multiverse link does seem strong now
  • 59) Lee is actually the Australian actor Kirk Lazarus who was picked up on a DUI charge halfway through shooting a political thriller. The car crash gave him partial amnesia and all he can remember are the details of his character. To this day he has no idea that he's actually white.
  • 60) There is a world within Kenny's mustache and we are seeing it.
  • Cyreen;672108 said:
    18) Hash. Just a wacky trip.
    I dont like no hash.

    Also 40 is the best one so far.
  • (61) Lee is such a big fan of the walking dead, he went into a trance and now believes he is in that universe.
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