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Looking for zombie survival group!

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I'm currently writing a zombie survival book, and looking for ideas for a group that the protagonist joins! If anyone has any ideas for a character that my protagonist can join up with post them here! Any ideas I use I will accredit you in my novel (if published, or made into a blog ect.).

Here is what i'm looking for:

1. Name of your character(s)
2. Back story
3. General description of the character (age, race, eye color, hair color etc)
4. Attitude (are they hopeful? desperate? suicidal?)
5. Any other information you deem useful

I encourage couples, brothers, sisters, family. I'm trying to get a diverse group of people that will cause conflict with each other. Normal everyday people, no Rambos.

If I like your idea I will PM you with more details.

Thanks in advanced!

Check out the first couple chapters in my signature. The final book will be linear and on paper.
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  • Name: Richard Sawyer & Travis Sloat

    Backstory: Richard was in his UGA (If you're putting the setting in the southeast)dorm room with his friend Travis, watching a football game. The outbreak started an hour ago without them knowing, and reached the college twenty minutes ago. Ten minutes after the outbreak reaches the college, a scream comes from a nearby dorm. The two then sit up, paralyzed. When the Georgia Bulldog's make a touchdown, they both are diverted to the screen again as they stand up and cheer. Another scream comes from the girl outside. Another. Then three people are heard in the commotion. Glass breaks out of the dorm. The girl is then crying parts of the bible. The three others outside freak out and call for help. Travis gets up to look out the door and sees three walkers attacking pupils in the hallway. On of them steps out of the girl's dorm room and goes towards the guys's door. Travis yells and turns off the television. He warns Richard to get under the bed. Richard does as told. Travis hides next to the door, waiting to be concealed by it. A teacher comes in to evacuate them, and falls to the ground by a zombie lunging on him. The room is now in darkness. A zombie walks around the dorm, with Travis behind a door, and Richard under a bed. Travis's shoes squeak, and a short series of events, fights, and jumping out windows lead up to Richard and Travis driving a pick-up down the dark road. Richard looks down at his wrist. There's blood. Is it a bite, or just a scratch? I'll let you decide.

    -Richard: 18 years old. Brown short curly hair. Caucasian. Wears a beige polo shirt and jeans on the night of the incident. Round face.
    -Travis: 18 years old. Black wavy hair short hair. Caucasian. Wears a white sweater and orange winter vest with jeans on night of the incident. Heart-shaped face.

    -Richard: Loud & Paranoid. Much like Ben Paul, as he sometimes makes horrible decisions. Usually backs off in arguments or trouble. Scared of death. Nauseated by blood.
    -Travis: Quick-thinking person. Sometimes confidence can get the best of him. Excels in technology (took a class at UGA). Protects friends from walkers. Usually will over-react to a decision he doesn't like.

    Do you like it? (Just read Sodawasser's description of Henry Johnson. Travis would hate this guy.)
  • Name of the Character: Dr. Barbara Tway

    Back story: A divorced OB/GYN in her mid-50s, Barbara is a cancer survivor and was a guest lecturer at Duke when the outbreak hit. Due to her rigorous chemo, she has not been practicing for the past few years due to the stress. However, she is relatively healthy and quite active, as her cancer diagnosis inspired her to view life differently and start exercising. Her ex-husband is an endocrinologist out in St. Louis, and her daughter is a political science major at McGill and is safe - Barbara hopes - up in the chilly Montreal weather.

    General Description: Barbara is very tall, right around 1.88m or 6ft, and has short blonde hair, kept in a thick bob. She normally wears glasses for her nearsightedness (especially when trying to read or make out figures in the distance) but can get by without them, resulting in her straining her gray eyes quite often. Also, Barbara is very pale, but shields her skin obsessively, as her sister died after a late diagnosis of skin cancer. Barbara is quite pretty, but has a few frown lines, most of which are hidden by a bloody baseball cap and Duke hoodie, both stolen from the campus gift shop during her escape.

    Attitude: Typically calm and easy-going, Barbara is quick to analyze a situation and provide her opinion. She is able to diffuse the tension in most situations, but - when worst comes to worst - will side with the person she knows the most and has helped her out in the past. Unfortunately, Barbara is often quite depressed, and is hesitant to share her feelings with others. Also, she is afraid of being alone and does not want to split off from the group. Still, she is very useful due her extensive medical knowledge and isn't afraid of a little (or a lot of) blood.

    Additional info: Barbara is a vegetarian, but is starting to realize that her diet of choice isn't very realistic in this new world of "walkers." Also, she is pretty good with directions, and knows how to get from major city to city in the South. Barbara meets up with the group wielding some hand tools and a hunting rifle with ammo, having recently lost the company of two graduate students heading towards Atlanta to check on friends and family around Emory.
  • anseladamsfan;705271 said:
    She normally wears glasses for her nearsightedness (especially when trying to read or make out figures in the distance) but can get by without them, resulting in her straining her gray eyes quite often.
    I feel like her glasses falling and breaking, making her have to look at a silhouette walking towards her in the distance would make an awesome scene.
  • Damon Morris, an English student studying abroad.
    He is a nice guy, good survival skills. 5"11 and has a brown mop on top. White. 18 years old.
    Reluctant to kill unless neccesary.
    He lacks confidence yet is good organisationally.
    In the moment you least expect it he can rescue a group or indulividual with an ability to read the world and scenarios.
  • 1. Name of your character: Grey Ardict
    2. Back story Grey grew up in the country. His family was poor and did anything for a bit of money. Grey was home schooled until the age of 17. When he went to school he was a social outcast. He never had any social skills, never kissed a girl. His academic marks were really good for a home-schooled. He is what the kids called a 'typical nerd'. After school he became a journalist for crimes, like murder, grand theft auto ect. His family is pretty big. A mother, a father which always fought, and 4 siblings. His eldest brother, Benjamin, was the popular one is school and did horrors to Grey's self-esteem. The 2 younger siblings, were two twin girls. Usually keeping to themselves. One night his dad was physically abusing Grey's Mother. Benjamin stepped in but it got out of hand when his dad took out a knife and slit Grey's mother's throat. Benjamin went into a rage, and took his father's gold club and bashed his head in. The twins saw this and went to Grey, which in response, called the police. Because Grey was a journalist, he was not only a witness of the crime, but also had to do a story on it. Grey told what he saw and Benjamin was sentenced to life. When Grey visited Benjamin in jail a few months later to say sorry, Benjamin grabbed his throat trough the and strangled him. The guard leaped into action, but when they pried Grey away from Benjamin, he ripped his ear off. This caused Grey to not only lose hearing in his right ear, but also lost all his trust in everyone.
    3. General description of the character (age, race, eye color, hair color etc)
    Grey is now 23 year old, white american, deep blue eyes, dark hazel blonde hair, and has a below average height. What he lack in physical strength he makes up for in thinking fast, and easily coming up with logical and practical solution.
    4. Attitude (are they hopeful? desperate? suicidal?) Grey is a introvert. He has lost his ability to trust anyone, and tries to avoid being friends. This doesn't mean he avoids people. He will go out of his way to try to help people, and then just go. He doesn't mind to let people speak their mind to him, they can tell him their problems and hell take their secrets to the grave. He doesn't trust people, but he is very trustworthy, if you can get to know him.
    5. Any other information you deem useful
    His 2 sisters left to live somewhere else. Grey still wants to find them.

    I really hope this will help, I'm actually also writing a book (but a sci-fi).
  • NAME:Tyrese Jackson

    BACKSTORY:Tyrese worked as a pharmacist and was well known around his local area,he had two twin daughters who were named Alisha and Briony,he also had a wonderful wife named Jacqui.He was closing the shop one night when a sick looking man walked up to him outside the store and collapsed in front of him,Tyrese being the type of man he was attempted to help the man,he seemed to be keeping a steady pulse for the moment,until his pulse sped up and then...stopped,suddenly,the man pounced at Tyrese knocking him over,Tyrese felt helpless.BLAM!Tyrese shoved the body over and stood up dusting himself off as he thanked his savior.As payment Tyrese let the stranger in his car and offered to take the person with him to his house and collect his family (you can decide wether the person decides to go or not and you can make them apart of the group,though you can make the details if you want,if not ask me.)Tyrese (and his savior if taken)get to his house and pack all the supplies in his RV, (yes he owns and RV)he also takes the fuel from his car aswell.I will let you decide what happens next.

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION:AGE:36 ETHNICITY:African-American HAIR COLOUR:Black EYE COLOUR:Hazel HEIGHT:Tall BUILD:Muscular (the reason he couldn't get the zombie off was because it was bery unexpected.)

    ATTITUDE:Generally nice,if forced or if needed he can be pragmatic about things,natural leader (I had an idea of say your character was the leader,he would be a loyal friend and would assist you in decision making,and he could take over for you as leader of the group.),loyal friend,

    OTHER THINGS:I had an idea he could lose his wife and have to look out for both his daughters alone.He could come in handy getting medical supplies from his store.
  • Thank you all for the input! Very great ideas! :D If I choose to add your character, I will send you a PM as well as a copy of my writing thus far with your character in it!
  • Oooh this is fun :D

    1. Name: Juvia
    2. Backstory: Juvia is a young prostitute coming from a hard background. Born to a stripper her life already started rough. Her mother was hardly ever around, preferring the seclusion of the bar where she worked and drugs and alcohol over her child. Whenever her mother was on an alcohol or drug infuelled rampage, Juvia would get hit, sometimes to the point where concerned neighbours took the young girl to the hospital. Never the less, nobody ever really stepped in to help her, and this left Juvia feeling alone.
    When she hit her teens her body started to develop and people started to notice her beauty. Her mother, jealous of Juvia's youth and beauty started to become even more mean, and at one point Juvia ran away from home when she was only 14 years old. This triggered a phase of selfdestruction, where unknowing Juvia followed in her mothers footsteps. At the age of 16 she got pregnant by a boyfriend, who then forced her to have an abortion. Not wanting to lose him she complies, only to still think about what could have been. Eventually he did leave her, and knowing no ways to support herself Juvia turned to the streets that had always been cruel to her. Making her living as a young whore was all she deemed herself to be worthy of.
    Not much is known about where she was when the outbreak happened, or how she came to meet the group.

    3. General description: Juvia is a 17 year old caucasian girl of exquisite beauty. She has long red hair curling all the way down her back and beautiful green eyes with long lashes. Even though she lives a hard life her skin is flawless and her hair looks healthy. She is around 1.65m and thin. Under her clothes she has several scars, a reminder of all the beatings she took when she was little. She doesn't have much strenght in her body, but she is agile and she really knows how to seduce people, male or female.
    4. Attitude: Juvia has major trust issues, and she actually hates it when people touch her. She finds it hard to make eye contact with people, and she gets nervous around big groups of people. Once she actually trusts someone she will go to hell and back for them, always doing what she can to protect hem, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.
    She doesn't like to hurt people, but she will if she feels threathend. Her first reaction will always be to flee, and then defend herself.

    5: I don't really know, she is a bit of mystery. Hope you can work with her!
  • 1. Name of your character(s): Leimana and Kaiulani Kane
    2. Back story: Leimana is a 32 year old dentist. Kaiulani is a 7 year old girl. Originally from Hawaii Leimana moved to the mainland to go to dental school and decided to not return to Hawaii after finishing. Shortly after completing school she found out she was pregnant from a one night stand and decided to keep the baby and be a single mom. Both were at home sick with the flu when the outbreak hit. Luckily Leimana has a pistol which she purchased two years before after their house was robbed while they were at work/daycare.
    3. General description of the character (age, race, eye color, hair color etc): Leimana is hapa haole (1/2 hawaiian, 1/2 caucasian). Kaiulani is a mixture of hawaiian, caucasian, and hispanic. Both have Brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes.
    4. Attitude (are they hopeful? desperate? suicidal?): They are desperate to meet like minded people who believe in helping one another to survive but not at the cost of losing their humanity. The brief encounters they have had with fellow survivors have not been pleasant. Rapists and child molesters galore.
    5. Any other information you deem useful
  • 1. Philippe

    2. He's from france and was on vacation with his family (mom, dad, brother) when it all started. In the chaos he lost his family and ran away alone and tried to survive by himself.

    He survived alone in the woods mostly and sneaking in some houses for food, he's not brave at all and kind of weak (both mentally and physically) and almost never killed a zombie before because he often use his legs and that's when he met the group.

    3. 14 years old, caucasian, green eyes, long hair (cuz he have not cut it in a while obviously) a mix of blonde and brunette.
    1.71 long and athletic but very skinny.

    4. He's very desperate and depressed but not like
    suicidal, not so social and shy. He also trusts anyone and has a lot of sympathy

    5. He can speak english because he learned it in school but in an European accent.
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