Ep2 - Ep3 transition

I had completed episode 2 and just purchased 3 and 4. When I try to start episode 3, it asks me if I want to pick random answers for skipped episodes. I haven't skipped anything. Any suggestions would be great. I really don't want to try and play through 1 and 2 again, because I want to play through with my initial choices before exploring my darker side...


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    If you are positive you have completed both Episode 1 and 2 (through the credits), you can effectively ignore this message. Please copy your save to an unused slot before starting Episode 3, just to make sure.

    Also, please make certain you have all patches (through v1.03) before proceeding.
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    I have this exact same problem. I copied the save file before continuing, and it did indeed randomize all my choices for episode two. I've already had all my saves deleted by the corrupted save issue in episodes 2 and 4(that's six games), and now I can't even get to episode three. I tried rewinding to the last scene in episode two a few times now, I tried restarting the game, and the console. This needs to be fixed.

    Edit: I purchased the season pass, not individual episodes. I doubt that matters though.
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    Tried rewinding to Jolene's camp, same result. When I try to proceed to episode 3 it still says continue on episode 2, and when I select continue on episode two it just shifts to the episode 3 screen. When I hit x on the episode 3 screen it asks me if I want to randomize choices on skipped episodes, if I say no it doesn't start, if I say yes it DOES RANDOMIZE EPISODE 2 CHOICES.

    You've known about this problem for a month now, and have only given incorrect information on how to solve it.
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    Does anyone at least know if I delete the save and start my 'original' game over from episode 1(for the 4th time) if this problem will still exist? Also, when do I get my first paycheck for testing this game for you?
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