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What kind of a guy is your "Lee"?

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What type of a guy is your "Lee"

1.Is your Lee a guy who still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope
2. Is your Lee a scumbag who's only looking out for himself
3. Or is your Lee a guy who sacrifices himself to save his own skin
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  • My Lee is essentially me, I don't abandon people roadside, I don't kill people or let them die, I only care about Clem and everyone else is just a tool to help me for that purpose. Had I been allowed my choice, I would have taken Clem and left with Lilly. That group is broken, let Kenny and Ben deal with the consequences of their fuckups on their own, my sympathy was only with Katjaa.

    As for Clem, I've been increasingly feeling like I need to be tougher with her. Her need to find her parents is dangerous and probably a hope I should have eased her away from. She's also becoming unruly and I feel the need to watch her constantly.
  • I chose Lee's decisions on how I would view myself in that situation. I still have hope in humanity (why I saved Ben) but wouldn't think twice about putting my survival or Clementine's over others.

    I didn't decide to side with Kenny on everything cause he's a jackass and I tried staying true to myself and my morals as much as I could. I abandoned Lilly roadside because she would not only be detrimental to the group, but put Clementine and myself in potential harm.
  • Nonymous99;704365 said:
    My Lee still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope, and will also sacrifice his life for protecting clementine.
    My Lee is the same.
  • My number one save Lee is a guy who always tries to do the right thing, and is trying to teach everyone else to do the right thing as well.
    My number two Lee is a guy who will abandon anyone who gets in his way or he just doesn't like. He thinks he should be the leader, and that anyone in his way ends up like Ben, or Larry.
    My third Lee save is a man of very few words. When he does speak, it's because he has no other choice. And he always picks the shortest answers possible.
  • 1. a guy who still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope

    i believe kirkman is way too pessimistic about humanity, i would still say that humans are more dangerous than zombies, but that is only because we have a brain (a smart one) we wouldn't get more dangerous, so that is how i play Lee
  • 1. Mah Lee is a guy who still believes there's a chance at humanity and hope
  • He has multiple personalities, I can't really say...
  • Good to see how other people play Lee.

    My Lee believes everyone is going to die, but that's no reason to give up or abandon humanity (or what he thinks humanity is in a zombie apocalypse). As long as people aren't dead, they should work together to enjoy the small victories and accept the large defeats. He wants to look for Clem's parents, because why not? It gives Clem hope, and that's good enough. The zombies are Lee's enemies, as are people who act without humanity.

    So ...
    Helps Irene suicide. She went out on her terms, not the zombies'.
    Stands up for Duck. Kid's not dead yet.
    Cuts off the guy's leg. Should have shot him, but didn't think of it. Didn't want the zombies to get him.
    Tries to save Larry, but accepts Kenny's judgment call.
    Kills the St Johns in a heartbeat. Murderous scum.
    Left the supplies because Clem didn't think it was right, but would have taken them otherwise.
    Shoots the girl being chased by zombies. Got to try harder than that, zombies!
    Takes Lilly. Wanted the group to vote execute/forgive. Vote forgive (she snapped).
    Talks Kenny down. Have some compassion for the guy.
    Shoots Duck. This one's on Lee. Sorry how things turned out, Kenny.
    Talks Kenny through shooting the zombie kid. Do the right thing, Kenny.
    Takes Clem to Crawford. Lee and Clem are a team, which is more than what Crawford or the zombies have going for them!
    Pulls Ben up. Not this time, zombies! One of Lee's favorite moments sticking it to the zombies. (Wanted group to vote execute/forgive Ben. Vote forgive [Ben's just stupid].)
    Shows the bite. Well, it was a good run. Let's get Clem back and raise a glass to the fallen, including Lee. Oh, and if at all possible, walkie talkie is going to pay.
  • My Lee its " Lee 1 " and " Lee 3 " .
  • Well, my Lee does what I think is right, so I think he's not an asshole at all, but nor is he a good guy. I'm just trying to protect Clementine, that's all.
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