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Disappointments in Gaming

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At the risk of creating a rant thread... What games have you purchased which you heard good things about but when you played the game it turns out to be a disappointment;

or else you bought one game instead of another, but when you played the one you picked you wished you had made the other choice?

And why?
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  • Chyron8472;707074 said:
    Have you considered watching a Let's Play?
    I'm generally not a fan of let's plays as I prefer to play a game rather than just watch it, and I would probably get annoyed when watching someone playing in a way I wouldn't which, I guess, is more relevant with RPGs or just games with moral like choices (even if it's just the illusion of choice).
  • GaryCXJk;707076 said:
    Borderlands, although it might help that I just can't stand FPS games or games in first person, due to the fact that I get disoriented fast.
    Borderlands is a game that really doesn't work as a single player game. I played it with some friends and it was fun to shoot their car until it exploded or find really creative ways of parking.

    What I didn't like was the fact that every single mission was "Go here and kill this thing/five of this thing. Why? Because we told you to, that's why!". By the end of my second session playing, I no longer cared about anything that was going on and proceeded to make my own fun via aforementioned car stunts.
  • Sonic Unleashed. Both the PS3/360 version and the Wii version. I read(or watched) a review for the Wii version, the review was very positive. I started the game and things started out good. Then Chip spoke and made my ears bleed. The daytime stages were great, I felt it was definitely better than the crap I had to put up with in Secret Rings. Then came the first were-hog stages. My God is that crap boring and tedious. Absolutely sucked the enjoyment out of the entire game. Crappy platforming, annoying attacks, and overall just terrible. Then I played the PS3 version. A bit better, yes, but then came the stage where you had to attack Eggman's fleet, and the entire thing was set-up with Quick-Time events. Terrible. Just bloody terrible. Again, the daytime stages where you're playing as Sonic are just fine. But the were-hog stuff is crap. Plain and simple.
  • Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, I was a disillusioned fan and I expected great things against all odds. I dared to believe and I had no expectations. I was not rewarded. At least the DLC campaign was a little better. But Gearbox ruined him.
  • Gearbox just put all the loose bits together. 3D Realms ruined Duke. I think Gearbox just wanted to be rid of the damn thing. Can't say I blame them, to be honest.

    On the same sort of topic - I really regret paying £60 online for the Balls of Steel version of Duke Forever, when I saw the same thing a week later in an actual store for less than HALF that. GRR.
  • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

    Might have to revisit it again, though. Maybe it holds up better a second playthrough.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The Fall - Last Days of Gaya.

    Oh how active I was in the community. How much I anticipated this game. How long I stumbled through town getting this game on release day. And how bugged, shitty, completely naive and fucking racist it was.

    That was eight years ago. I don't think any game can EVER be more of a disappointment. I know that there probably are worse games out there. But thanks to The Fall, I know how to avoid them.
  • MusicallyInspired;707097 said:
    Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, I was a disillusioned fan and I expected great things against all odds. I dared to believe and I had no expectations. I was not rewarded. At least the DLC campaign was a little better. But Gearbox ruined him.
    I remember several "fans" of this game on this forum when it was released that wouldn't let any criticism against the game pass. Even though we all could see it's as crappy as the piece of shit you can fling at the start of the game.
  • im going old school and saying the old superman game that came out on the 64. worst game iv ever played. #1!!!!! #2 is MW3 and thats for the horrible spawn system that they made for it. completely dwarfed everything good about the game.#3 was the new resedent evil game that just came out. action buttons? realy? lame...
  • Sonic Adventure 2:

    Or more I played it, thought it was terrible, and now I don't stop hearing about how awesome it was. And even better than Sonic Adventure 1. Listen. I like most Sonic games, even the 3D recent "Crappy" ones. I like Sonic Labyrinth for gods sake because I actually know how to play it. Nothing is better than Sonic Adventure 1 in the 3d Sonics. In the main series of Sonic Game, Sonic Adventure 2 was a sing step above Sonic 06 for me. A Single Step.

    I can't say Sonic and the Secret Rings disappointed me because I wasn't expecting anything there.

    Also, Sly Cooper. I can't play Sly Cooper. I try to play it and I can't get anywhere. I don't not like games that require me to be stealthy, but Sly made it feel all wrong. I'm still hearing so much about people loving it, so I'm seeing about revisiting it to see if anything has changed.
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