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TWD - Many technical problems

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Hi there,

unfortunately I've got many problems starting and playing TWD on Windows 7. I'll just add the points, that are driving me crazy. Hopefully you can get me some help.

To make it in the first case clear: I'm trying to play the game on two different systems (Notebook with Geforce GT540M & Desktop with AMD HD6870), the issuses are pretty the same on both systems:

[*]The game is hanging during the system start, after the "click to continue" screen. It takes to 2 minutes til the main menu appears. Opening the Taskmanager helps to speed it up a bit.
[*]I cannot change the graphic settings ingame. When I want to change the settings, there is no way doing that in the game menu. I cant switch the buttons, also apply and cancel does not react. So there is only ALT+F4 for quitting :/
[*]Sometimes the performance is horribly bad. On both systems at the same settings. For example in EP1, when Lee is walking over the street to his brother (whom is burried under that wooden pole)
[*]The download option is pretty bad. Why is there no option like in the other games, for one client per episode? This is not good to handle, if I have to switch ingame, to start loading a new episde...

I hope you can help me, thanks!

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  • i just wanted to add to this by saying my game also hangs at the "click to start" screen but it never loads it completely freezes. the only way i can boot up is if i open/quit about 50 times until it finally works. this is ridiculous.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    After selecting 'Continue' on the Title Screen, the game will connect to our servers, verify your login details, and check for updates. If updates are needed, it could take some time for these to download. If your connection is lost or reset during this process, you may experience complications, such as the specified 'freeze'. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection and try again. Alternatively, if you are already logged in and are sure you have all the altest patches, then you could start the game while offline to avoid this check.

    If the game is not running smoothly, please check to make sure your system meets minimum specifications. These can be found in our store listing for the game, or on Steam. Please note that meeting min spec does not mean the game is going to run perfectly. You may need to adjust your screen resolution, and possibly run in windowed mode. Also, turning off anti-aliasing, shadows, and after-effects will greatly improve performance.

    Please make sure that if you have a gamepad installed, that you either disconnect it before starting the Walking Dead, or use it to play the game. There may be conflicts between this and your keyboard and mouse. If you do not have a gamepad installed, but still experience these issues, please try reinstalling the game, making sure you remove all files on uninstall.
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