Gift Cards on iPad for Episode 2

I tried to buy the second episode on my iPad and I have 10 dollars on my account, from a gift card, but the app game keeps on "Purchasing..."

I can buy in-app purchases with Gift Cards? and could that be fixed?

thank you


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    Well first make sure you have an EXCELLENT wifi connection. If not try downloading or purchasing at someone else's wifi (,friends...).
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    Yes you can purchase episodes with gift cards. That's how I purchased my season pass.
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    okay thank you so much guys, I already restarted my iPad and the game is purchased!

    im very happy because first of all, I started playing Back on the Future game, and when I saw that The walking dead game was created and available in PC i wanted to play it but my pc is soo old, and then it appeared on the AppStore for iPad and i am so happy i can play my fav game peace guys and thank you and telltale games
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