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Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway Hardcover Numbers

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What number Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway (hardcover edition) did you get? I plan on taking all numbers posted and compiling a list of corresponding usernames. Obviously this isn't going to be complete since not everyone who bought a copy frequents the forums, but I thought this might be cool.

Click here for list:

I'll try to update the list every day or two.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    TrogLlama;70718 said:
    Just wanted to say that I initially read this as 'carbogoat.'
    I need help...
    Carbogoat has joined your party!!
  • doom saber;70714 said:

    Being someone who collect toys of all shapes and sizes, l know how difficult independant companies have in releasn a product in time. Even toy collectors forget that some companies that aren't Hasbro or Mattel cannot always keep the release dates on time because they don't own the factory or cargoboats that ships their stuff like the larger companies.
    i have experience in this, my dads birthday present, a toy star trek communicator, was delayed from release in the UK for over 6 weeks. i got no explanation of this even though i had preordered it
  • What? The Telltale staff are real and have lives? When the hell did that happen?
  • Jake;70697 said:
    Are you trying to just be a loud jerk?
    No, I'm not. I actually really like you guys. I don't see myself as a jerk but I'm sorry if I acted like one.
    For now, I'm really sorry that you hate everything. Thanks for sticking around through thick and thin, even still :)
    I was just a bit dissapointed with the number I got. This, plus the additional $23 in customs fees affected my mood I guess. I've been a good Telltale customer so far. At least I think so. I got pretty everything with Sam & Max except for the t - shirts and posters. I will continue to buy your stuff and I hope you will get some of the warehouse related issues sorted out.
    As for "converting the ladies bathroom," well, that's fine. You can come in and work for free 40 hours a week packing up merchandise and shipping them off around the world (...) Anything that doesn't fit in the ladies room is going to have to be stocked on palettes in your apartment (...) I'm sure you won't mind :D
    As far as storing things in my apartment, it's small but I wouldn't mind! Talk about perks of the trade. I'd know exactly what number of Surfin' the Highway I was getting! Then again I'm not sure if storing some of the things in the ladies room and the rest in an apartment in europe would be a good combination. This, plus getting to "work" would be a pain.

    Anyway, I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ... you know where. I'll try to be good. I promise.
  • it's a miracle how sometimes issues that seem so simple just won't got away. the customs sticker's thing might have been solved last year, but i guess we all know how frustrating it can be adressing a certain issue and not getting the reaction you hoped for. happens all the time in our modern world. so, if telltale is onto the problem then it will be solved sooner or later. changing the warehouse could solve this issue, but also created several new one. that you should always keep in mind.
    about your number: damn, 1225 is totally cool. okay, you could have gotten a lower number, but, hey, it's still nice.
  • well getting back on track my number is 853..which sucks considering I bought the hardcover like an hour after it went on sale.. Why couldn't I get lower? Other than that I'm very happy with the book, glad they did a hardcover, very happy with the better paper quality. This is def. the best version of surfing the highway that's been released.

    As for Telltale's warehouse issues. I will try and avoid buying anything from Telltale that has to ship out to Australia. I don't blame the telltale employees, but from a business standpoint it's just not good enough, and the problems gone on for far too long(over a year) My paperback edition of STH arrived after 6 weeks and was damaged one of the many problems i've had with orders..In fact if it wasn't telltale, and they wern't selling sam & max stuff I'd prob stop buying stuff from the store all together
  • I preordered the hardcover pretty much as soon as the email was sent and still got 1035. Look at Emily's numbers though, they simply aren't being sent out as "first person to order gets one, so on and so forth" otherwise surely she'd have gotten 201, 202 and 203 but she didn't!
    I believe the warehouse is just sending random numbers. OK you have a slightly increased chance of getting a lower number if you preordered but if you look at the sheet of orders recieved they are sort of all over the place. None in the 2000 yet though.. so maybe there's some logic to it.
    don't really mind to be honest, i'm just happy to have such a pretty book with Steve's sig! YAY! and I have what looks suspiciously like eraser gunk behind the signed paper ahahahaha, telltale eraser gunk! what a bonus.

    I have only had one item damaged and that was the art of S&M which suffered a little scuffing to one side. That was a while ago and my current three books arrived in pristine condition *shrug*
    The only complaint I really have is the mislabeling of customs forms. My t-shirt last year was also labeled software.

    Flog them warehouse staff! or send them for reprogramming.. I mean.. retraining.. yeah... <_< >_>

    Aside from that, Telltale, you guys have been awesome. Your customer service is top notch.
  • Should I feel special or scared that I'm one of the few that doesn't mind having a relatively high number and is just happy that I actually have the book? I'm getting mixed signals from this thread about that, since everyone is going all hardcore comic-book collector/invester from my perspective.
  • I got number 731, not bad at all. The number doesn't seem all that important to me but 731 is cool cus you can add the 3 and the 1 to get 4 and then invert it to get 47, which is my lucky number :D XD
  • Zeek;70756 said:
    Should I feel special or scared that I'm one of the few that doesn't mind having a relatively high number and is just happy that I actually have the book? I'm getting mixed signals from this thread about that, since everyone is going all hardcore comic-book collector/invester from my perspective.
    I wouldn't call myself a hardcore comic book collector and I certainly didn't want a better number to increase the value of the book in case I want to sell it, because I don't and I never will.

    When the hardcover version became avalable I ordered it as fast as I could because I wanted to have the book. The book with all of its content that I so much wanted to read. Finally. The number is a bonus and knowing I ordered it early I hoped for something in the 100 ~ 500 spectrum. That's all.

    I still am really pleased with the book and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much in fact, that when I woke up in the middle of the night the other day, I sneaked out to the living room, carefully without waking the wife, and read it instead of going back to sleep. I tried not to chuckle too much.

    I am happy I finally got it. I guess it's seeing others posting their numbers made me a bit jelous.
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