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Time between seasons?

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Its roughly around 40 - 60 days for Telltale to make a new episode of the walking dead, but now we're on the last episode. Kind of hard to believe, but here we are. For anyone with past Telltale experience with release dates regarding new seasons, how much time do you think we got until season 2 comes out?

Gotta figure out how to cryogenically freeze myself.
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  • Only one Telltale series has ever had follow up seasons and that's Sam & Max. To be perfectly honest it could be as little as a year or as long as many years before another Walking Dead game is made. No real way to tell until Telltale announces something, which usually isn't until a game is close to being released.
  • Telltale began production on season two of Sam and Max immediately after completing season one. The last episode of the first season came out in April of 2007, and the first episode of the second came out November of the same year. So it's possible that The Walking Dead could have a quick turnaround as well.

    However, Telltale's also currently working on Fables and King's Quest. Season three of Sam and Max didn't come out until 2010, three years after season two, after they had finished working on Strong Bad, Wallace and Gromit, and Monkey Island.

    So, basically, who knows?
  • I think it will take a couple of years at least :/
  • Considering the success, I don't think we'll be waiting long.
  • this is the biggest commericial and critically acclaimed telltale game by far, id imagine its already in production by the same team that made the first season... id imagine theyd strike while the goings hot as far as fanbase response and also with the creative teamwork going on
  • Season 2? I'm guessing late 2013. They've got Fables to do.
  • I thought I read somewhere that it would be the summer of 2013? Not sure where, though.
  • To be honest, I guess the more they wait, the worse it is. Gametype could be too obsolete in a year or so, or TWD fanbase could be way way reduced...
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    for last episode 50 days.
  • Well hopefully telltale has a separate team working on Fables. But beyond engine improvements (which usually take the longest) all they really have to do is create the content for season 2, and they probably already have some rough draft content/story boards/writing for it.

    I can say this much: They really need to work on improving the engine for the action scenes, because as it stands now it sucks.
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