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[TWD] Strange Xbox 360 achievement problem

posted by KaliniuS on - last edited - Viewed by 426 users
So, I played through Episode 4 and on my Xbox, it shows that I've unlocked all achievements. However, when you look at my profile on or if I compare games with someone else, it shows that there are 4 achievements that I haven't unlocked. What's going on here? The strangest part is that the first 4 achievements of episode 4 show as locked but the final 4 are unlocked. How could I have completed the last chapter of episode 4 without completing the first parts? :-\
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  • I had the same with episode 2. I got the achievement to reset by downloading my profile on a friends xbox. When i got home and downloaded my profile back home, the achievement was no longer showing so i could replay part of the episode and get the achievement again. Hope this helps
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    For the first day the day was available on Xbox Live, achievements were not crediting to We have confirmed with Microsoft that this issue has been fixed. What you'll need to do is recover your gamertag and the achievements that have not been credited online will reset on your local profile. Replay the first part of the game to regain these achievements, and they should all be listed properly on
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