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The Lee poll

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I'm making this poll to mostly show Telltale that fans don't want Lee to die.Hopefully I am right but the poll will show us what the fans want!
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  • Yes... I want him to die.

    IF he was bit, and he thinks he was bit, and it looks like a bite.

    Otherwise it betrays the setting.
  • Telltale could save him somehow!They can think of something...
  • I think Carley has a better chance of surviving than Lee.
  • I don't WANT him to die personally,I really like him, but I'd like to see it happening for the sake of drama.
    So I voted yes.
    All y'all are just in denial :T
  • Do I want him to die? No, he's one of my favorite main characters out of any game. Must he die? Yes, otherwise it would contradict TWD canon. I'm just hoping now that his death is as suitably epic as he deserves.:cool:
  • What's tragic is the fact that this thread has more than 1000 views but only a bit more than 100 votes :/
  • Foinikas;708154 said:
    What's tragic is the fact that this thread has more than 1000 views but only a bit more than 100 votes :/
    Well..I, for example, don't know what to vote, because it doesn't matter to me if he dies or not.
    I want Telltale to tell their story and I'll be fine with however it ends. ;)
  • While I don't want Lee to die, it would be a total copout for anything else to happen to him. I didn't want Carley to die either. Or Mark. Or Duck and Katjaa. But they were killed, and while it made me sad, it's part of what makes the story so great, that you have an emotional attachment, and you feel something for these characters.

    If you could save eveybody and nobody you liked died then the series would be alot worse, IMO.
  • I totally agree about what you said BUT up to all the others who died.I adamantly believe it's not good killing Lee.All the others ok,but not lee and clem!
  • Lee isn't going to die. :P Comon guys,that would be a lame and a very predictable ending. :) Telltale has a plan. :P It could be the cure,or maybe the bite just isn't strong enough. :)
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