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ep2 chapter 4 axe loading screen.Lost connection

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Please help someone.

On episode 2 just starting chapter 4, when the bell rings for dinner,after i have looked in the barn, the xbox goes to load and pops up with lost connection,and will restart the game back to title screen. I go to load it up then just a black screen with an axe on the left hand side. Does anyone know how to get past this? i want to finish the episode but cant.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The game will load back to the Title Screen if you log out of your profile. Please ensure you are logged in and then reload your save game. If this issue continues, please try rewinding 2 chceckpoints and replaying to this point in the game. Also, since there's an autosave at this point, make sure you have your storage device properly connected to your xbox at all times.
  • Another problem, playing episode 1 bought from xbox live, at hursels farm, when you have to save doug or shawn, it pops up with storage has been removed. Why is this? would it be the save game or bad profile? or is a bug?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    This would occur if you stroage device is not being read by your console. Please ensure the device you are using is properly connected. It is possible that you have been logged out of your profile, and while this can happen for various reasons, the Walking Dead will never sign you out.
  • Another problem, episode 1 ,when I get to the motel to rescue lee,just go to grab the screw driver from the truck and as its loading I get the storage device has been removed message pop up every time. Why is this? And how do I get past this?

    This is getting stupid now, I want to finish this episode but had the same problem in episode 2.thought I would start again as I never had any problems with ep1 before,now I, getting them all the time. Didn't pay good money for these kind of problems .
  • Anyone got any help on this? Want to continue but I can't when it keeps doing this.
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