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Lee's bite

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Ok, this is not a "please don't kill Lee" post cause i think him magically surviving a bite would be a huge cop out.
But still.. that "bite" looks rather shallow, barely even broke through the skin.

I don't believe there's been a character in kirkman's apocaverse that has had this type of bite and died of said bite yet (correct me if i'm wrong), it's always a gaping wound or atleast a proper bite where the bacteria filled saliva can enter the bloodstream.

This however looks like he only grazed the walkers teeth, so it's highly likely that it won't even get infected.
And if it does could it not be surviveable? As far as i know Kirkman's zombiebites only lead to a infection which kill you.. and not supernaturally / virally turn you into a zombie.

So if it's just your run of the mill decomposing-corpse bacteria that kill you..
Wouldnt a healthy adult like Lee survive such a graze where he's barely touched by the bacteria.. hell it was even deep enough to enter a vein from the look of it.
He didnt even notice it untill after he killed the walker!

So isnt it possible.. even plausible that Lee wont even die from this and just go on to slowly walk/crawl away from zombies like the non-running anti-stereotypical badass he is?
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  • lackingsaint;702132 said:
    I'm pretty sure they made it a shallow bite specifically so they have some breathing room to decide if Lee's gonna turn into a Walker or not later on. If it was a huge gashing wound, well there wouldn't be much to wonder about there.
    Nah, if it was a huge gashing wound he wouldn't have time to save Clem.
  • Christoaster;702135 said:
    Isn't everybody all infected? So does it even matter? Or does getting bitten guarentee his death and set a limit on how long he is going to survive?
    If you get bitten you die in a day or so.
  • Guys, the Walking Dead universe does NOT revolve around bites and scratches getting you infected. You already ARE infected. The bites and scratches only gets you into an immense fever which ends up killing your immune system. Then you come back because the infection was already inside of you.

    That's what Ben meant when he said, "It's not the bite that kills you." He really meant that it's not the bite that turns you into the Walkers.

    So yeah, Lee is going to have his immune system shut down in an immense fever as he dies from his lack of strength to keep going on. Remember, everyone is already infected and a bite or scratch guaruntees a DEATH, not an INFECTION.
  • Originally posted by Gamer at Heart:
    *Incoming wall of text*

    I've been looking the thing over a few times, and I think its a scratch, not a bite. First of all its was very quick, and when he 'bit' Lee his head went straight down. It's not possible to sink in deep enough and pull out downwards without taking a piece of flesh with you.

    Second, If you look closely, it doesn't quite look like a bite. Take for example the bottom of the 'bite'. There is no site of the mandible (Lower teeth). When something bites, the marks are the maxilla and the mandible. The bottom doesn't show lower mark of teeth, only 2 corners that's not teeth shape.

    Thirdly, the marks on the top is vertical, much scratch like.

    Fourthly, The top are 4 marks, which are the primary, middle, ring and pinky finger. On the side there is another mark, which is of the thumb. Most of the 'bite' is in a mouth like shape except that part. A mouth can't reach that far and even if a zombies mouth can there is not teeth there (And I'm pretty sure zombies don't grow extra teeth). Also if you look closely the zombie lunges at Lee with his right hand first. In slow-motion, you can see the blood splat before the zombies mouth reaches Lee, and instead the hand. And the right hand's thumb is on the left, the same side of the mark on Lee's 'bite'.

    Lastly, if you get bitten, I'm pretty sure you will fell the pain and immediantly look at the mark. Lee noticed he got 'bit' when his blood landed on Clem's hat.

    My theory: The zombie scratched him and it was merely skin deep. Because in his shock and fear he didn't notice the mark until he saw the blood. It is known that a person in shock, fear or extreme stress are less likely to feel mild pain. A skin deep scratch is very painful so in Lee's situations (Him being in shock of the zombie attack and his worry of Clem) it was very unlikely that he felt such minor pain. If it was a bite, he would obviously feel it no matter how much shock. I've been bitten by a dog and my annoying little stepbrother. Both were skin deep and it hurt like hell. When I was helping in the garden I got scratched while working with thorn bushes. I first noticed the bleeding dripped over my shoes. So that's my theory. I'll be honest, I've been very pessimistic, and a bit annoyed at people when they are like 'Telltale can surprise us, Lee may live!' but now I think Lee might actually survive. Unless you can get infected by a zombie scratch. I know it is like that in other zombie games and films, but it was never stated in TWD universe that a scratch can turn you, a bite yes, but not a scratch. *End Wall of Text*

    TL;DR: Lee was scratched, not bitten.
  • I think this proves he can survive
  • tadmod;701911 said:
    I'm kind of leaning toward the fact that Lee will survive the bite in some way (not suggesting he'll survive the episode, though!)

    The thing that keeps lingering with me is Ben's affirmation that "It's not the bite that kills you" (A paraphrase of sorts) when his teacher dies and turns.

    Sure, we saw Duck turn, but that may also be due to the fact that he's a child and does not yet have a fully-developed immune system?

    Just some thoughts...
    yeah i agree with that, we all know that regardless of you are you have the virus in you and that if you do not kill the brain you are gonna comeback regardless of how you died.
  • Brilliant post ! and to be honest i was thinking the same thing it did not really look like a bite at all! I really could not tell if the blood was his or the zombies! and Scratches do not have the same weight as bite!

  • I questioned the bite too.. Lee just didnt react as if he'd just been bitten.

    it's either meant to make us wonder, or it was slightly poor animation imo!
  • WowMutt;708647 said:
    I questioned the bite too.. Lee just didnt react as if he'd just been bitten.

    it's either meant to make us wonder, or it was slightly poor animation imo!
    if you reach for the walkie talkie it is pretty clear even before lee notices. but going for the wood board enacts the same bite even though it's from a completely different angle which is poor. they shouldve had 2 ways to get bitten (Like a gash on left wrist or one on the right! idk but all I know is that for sure its a bite and not a scratch and scratches are deadly too. Just wonder how long Batman can hold on;)
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