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204 - Chariots of the Dogs - Two bugs - read only if you've completed 204

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I just completed Ep 204, and loved it! I did run into a little trouble, though, and was confused at first. After reading the walkthrough, it made sense, but I thought I'd post here just so the design team would be aware of it.

I got confused and stuck around the point where you're supposed to return to the beginning of time using the blank time card.

When I was playing, I discovered the obituary and figured out how to obtain it long before meeting the 3 mariachis. So, when I spoke with the Old Mariachi, and found out he wanted to know the manner of his demise, I already had the obituary and I just showed it to him. That triggers the bit about the printer, so I went over to it and removed the ink ribbon.

When I left the room and went back to the central location with the Captain's chair, the AI immediately printed the timecard for Impossible Idol, even though the printer had no ink! This didn't occur to me at the time, and it caused confusion later when I needed to go to the beginning of time to answer the chicken/egg question. It took me quite a while to try asking the AI to print again-- it was really more just a "click until something works" desperation move on my part, rather than a sense of a logical solution to a puzzle.

So I figured I'd mention it. I don't know if there's a way to prevent this from happening, but there it is.

The second bug is much more minor. In Bosco's restroom, after you take the cork from the wine bottle, if you use the chemical sampler on the wine bottle, Sam tells you that it's not worth sampling, and then the camera does a close-up on the bottle and Sam says "Besides, the bottle's still corked," when clearly it isn't.
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