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TFT3K: Telltale Fanfic Theater 3000

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This is TFT3K, where bad fanfics are mocked by me, Alcoremortis, Remolay, StrongBrush1, Insane Guy of DOOM and various guests!

[url=https:/]Upcoming MSTs[/url]

Season One:


[url=https:/]Episode Two, with guest commentator Coolsome: "Monkey Moon" (a Monkey Island/Sailor Moon crossover fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Three, with guest commentator Lattsam: "Sam & Max meet Sonic the Hedgehog" (a Sam and Max/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Four: "The Adventures of Rainbow Sparkle" (a My Little Pony fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Five: "im nut ok i promiss" (A My Little Pony fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Six: "Zim born again" (an Invader Zim fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Seven: A Whole Bunch O' Crap (various fanfics from the Invader Zim, My Little Pony, and Ace Attorney fandoms)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Eight: "IZ interveiw chapter 6/Snape the Bat/SCARY GHOST STORY FETUSING CHUCK NORRIS" (an Invader Zim/Doctor Who crossover fanfic, along with two short Harry Potter fics)[/url]

[url=https:/]Episode Nine: “Mlp:fim: The Shiping Ship/That Croppy Itching” (a My Little Pony fic, along with a short Sam and Max fic)[/url]

Episode Ten: Recap, Part One (A Hangover/Planet of the Apes crossover, along with a Big Bang Theory fic and an Invader Zim chapter)

Episode Eleven, with guest commentator Skepkitty of The Half-World: Aperture Nikki (a Portal fic)

Episode Eleven, with guest commentator Insane Guy of DOOM: Christian Humber Reloaded, Part One (Too many series to list)

Season Two:

Episode One: Invader Zim: Born Again Christian (an Invader Zim fic)

Episode Two: Killjoy Songfics (Two My Little Pony songfics)

Author MSTs(These update with every new chapter that the author makes):

[url=https:/]Marissa-The-Writer(a Valve fanfic author), with guest-commentator Tredlow popping in for a few chapters(WARNING: PORTAL 2 SPOILERS)[/url]

[url=https:/][/url][url=https:/]DBreBre-Z(an Invader Zim fanfic author)[/url]

[url=https:/]Sue Mary, with guest-commentator Lattsam in the second half(too many series to list)[/url]

Peter Chimaera (Too many series to list)

TFT3K Specials:

[url=https:/]The Harry Potter First Chapter Smorgasboard, with guest-commentator Lattsam[/url]

Solo MSTs:


[url=https:/]"Half-Humans" (an Invader Zim fanfic)[/url]

[url=https:/]“Me in Invader Zim? Oh Kami” (an Invader Zim fanfic MSTd as “Automated TT Submission”)[/url]


[url=https:/]"It's the Inside that Counts" (a Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic)[/url]


"Kimagure Revenge Road" (an Orange Road fic)

[url=https:/]"Scanranger" (a Power Rangers/Super Sentai fic)[/url]


[url=https:/]"Garfield: First Blood" (a Garfield fanfic)[/url]

Other Stuff:

[url=https:/]Teen Fortress 2 Autocorrected, by MightypirateTM[/url]

[url=https:/]TFT3K-inspired Total Drama Island fic, by Lattsam[/url]
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  • WarpSpeed wrote: »
    Yahoo just hired a CEO named Marissa.

    So, naturally, my first thought was, "Gee, wouldn't it be interesting if ... ?"


    Also, sorry for the large delay, but we should start to write a new one tomorrow night. And, this is going to be a really interesting riff. A REALLY interesting one.
  • Oooh! Is it the Avengers as Wolves one? The rest of Quest for Holey Grayil? The possibilities are endless!
  • I just found one of the most amazing fanfics ever on Topless Robot. It's a Batman fic called "Girl Wonder's Life Story". I call it, "Batman My Immortal". We MUST MST it, here are some choice lines:
    When she was about 15 days old she taught herself how to walk, when she was 20 days old she taught herself how to fight, when she was 25 days old she taught herself how to talk....
    When she was about 3 months she got bitten In the back, side, and stomach by a extinct tiger.
    After that Sam changed into the costume and put a utility belt on and left the house. She found out where the Bat-cave was and went and stole some explosives, a grappling hook and Birdarangs.
    Then one day, 'The Hood' came back and kidnapped her, beating her really badly.
    After she was kidnapped the first time 3 of the hood members decided they were no longer hood members and were from then on under cover there. Their Names were Jack, Jimmy, and Timmy. Jimmy and Timmy were twins, Jimmy had the power of fire, although there were complications like, his whole body was just... Fire and Timmy was the same, but with Water, Jack on the other hand, was ice, whole body was made from ice.
    Batman had a hard time trying to find her but when he did he was walking up to the building and it blew up.
    They both looked into each others eyes and looked away blushing. They both looked back at each other and Sam blushed even more "I-I think I like you." Dick looked at Sam and brushed some hair out of her face "I think I like you too."
  • THE MARRISSA GAMES finally got a comment on AO3!!!!!!!!
    Saz wrote:
    The trolling is way too obvious. It lacks subtlety. Try reading My Immortal for tips.
  • Super good news! I finally have an Archive of Our Own account! I'll try and get all the old MarrissaTheWriter and Sue Mary stories put up, most of the original documents are gone thanks to my laptop dying though.

    I will say, its much easier to format documents on

    EDIT: Reposted in all its glory: ITS MY LIFE!
  • Double posting is bad, but this is good!

    Chapter, I forget, of the Marrissa Games is finally up! Look for some cameo appearances by TTFT3K members.

    The next chapter should be coming soon as well, and will have a, well I don't want to spoil it too much, but I hope it will go down as one of the weirdest scenes I've ever done. iGet an Enema level weird.

  • Trust me, what I have planned next will put Rattmann's balls of steel to shame.

    Update: There's a new chapter up, however it doesn't have the "ultimate scene" I've been alluding to. I've pushed it back to the next one.
  • hey check it out I'm working on something that is a) big and b) related to Marrissa
    As Curiosity Snow said, it would be too dangerous and someone that is not me should condense it into a tourist's guide to be spread across other universes. HEY CHECK IT OUT HERE'S A COOL UNIVERSE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME TO IT.
    How to tell [a powerful human] apart: They're a complete Mary Sue. Absolutely everyone adores them, they immediately get a busty chest (because the needle only affects females), like, everything will turn out in their favor and if you turn out to be in their way, you will die.
    [The Cherub Trollz] have only the ability to hate, hate and again hate, except for one named Calilope or Cantaloupe, but she tries to disguise herself as an alien with candy corn horns and grey skin so why am I talking about her in the cherub troll section.
    Nevertheless, the myth goes that there was a Mary Sue, Gloria Deschanel or Gloria the Second Coming of Christ, who befriended and converted an Irken named Invader Zim: Born Again Christian, while a human named Dib was revealed to be the Antichrist.
    As far back as 1985 foreign contamination was detected from time travel. This caused some humans to mutate into falmer trollz, which differed from the former with the proper spelling and grammar and intense hate for humans.
    However, all changed with a falmer troll girl, Dork Jewel, who in 2100 accidentally overdosed steroids and became the first cherub troll. She then founded a group, Critics United, which started annually taking twenty-four people from the non-falmer world and having them participate in a fight to death in a closed and supervised but expansive arena, an event nicknamed "The Hunger Games".
  • The next chapter of The Marrissa Games is finally up, and it features a scene I’ve been waiting to write for months. It puts Rattmann’s balls of steel to shame.
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