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[Spoiler]Clementine's mother

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I can not believe no one has posted about this yet. I seriously believe that Jolene was Clementine's mother. Firstly, she had Clementine's hat inside her tent, secondly at the end of episode two she was focusing on filming Clementine. Now, it could be coincidences, but at the camp when lee and the cannibal confronted her, if you choice the "Where did you get this hat?" dialog option, this is what she says.

Lee: "Where did you get this hat?"
Jolene: "The little girl."
Lee: "You STOLE it from her."
Jolene: "So what if I did? You stole her from ME!!!"

You can also check it on video, skip to 7:00.

So, the cannibal (can't remember his name :P) actually (if its true) shot Clementine's mother. You still think the bastard deserved to live at the end of episode 2, and do you think my theory is correct? :)

EDIT: Actually slash what I said, her real mother is named Diana,, but this gave me another theory, do you think it was Clementine's mothers sister? Maybe her cousin? That would explain the You stole her from me part. It could also be her babysitter, who says the zombie in episode 1 'was' the baby sitter? She could also have a secret big sister that ran away/moved, and thus was not in the family picture? I know Jolene is related to Clementine in some way. What do you think? :)
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