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Box set of the walking dead game- perks?

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So in December Telltale is releasing the walking dead game, there is going to be a box set that is going to be released as well as a normal version.


The standard edition will be $29.99 and the collectors $69.99 USD. The only thing different between the standard and collector's edition is that the collectors comes with a massive comic book that has issues 1 - 48 of the walking dead comic. Over 1000 pages of Robert-Kirkman-Walking-Dead-Goodness.

But I have to ask myself, why would I buy this just to get the game i've already played and the comics I've already read? Beyond the fact of collecting, I think Telltale needs to add more to this bundle to make players who are like me, want to buy it more.
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  • I'm just buying it for collector's purposes. It's hard to even come by some Walking Dead game swag. The only things I have relating to the game are the PAX Prime poster and the St. John Dairy T-shirt. Why couldn't the collector's edition include some game exclusive stuff, like a poster or a mini-figure of a game character or something? They just had to have a compendium of the comics with a different cover. Okay. :rolleyes:
  • I'm getting the Xbox 360 Collector's Edition just for collecting purposes. I don't have any plans on opening it.
  • i didn't read the comics so i would like to buy it. But i don't know if its possible since i am from austria and i didn't here anything about eu collectors edition ore something like that
  • Too bad no PC version :C damn you Telltale Damn you
  • I'm not paying for the game again.
  • Yeah, I already bought it on Steam and I have no recent consoles (I only have a PS2), so buying the game again wouldn't have much purpose... plus, I don't really have that much money to spare (it's pretty expensive here in Brazil).
  • I wont buy the same game again but...
    If they added some making of and/or commentaries to the boxed version then I most probably would.
    I'm also hoping they will release a final patch after all the episodes are out,episode 3 is the worst with glitches.
  • They should add a behind the scene...
  • They need to add something to the box set, a soundtrack, art, maybe even a gentle giant or a poster of Clem and Lee /w his axe.
  • Seeing how I have been a Walking dead fan for YEARSSSS now and literaly have EVERY issue to date..yes really (as well as the survivors guide). I see no need to buy this, as I have the game( minus ep 5 lol) AND the comics already. Had there been more interesting content worth collecting, that would'a been a different story all together.
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