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something TellTale would never do

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when ep5 comes out there will be a patch for where you can save shawn travis and mr parker, mark and carley doug and duck chuck and you can save lee this would never happen
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  • at least the poll is in favor of the sane idea lol. In no world should mark, carley, duck/katjaa or shawn live. They didn't survive and to say that they could would get you killed. imagine being quiet being followed by 12 people...hell just Lily and Kenny arguing would get you killed. Besides people die all the time, young old sick healthy don't matter. death comes whether you are prepared or not ESPECIALLY in games...let alone in the TWD world...Today is a new day, one where people are starved for help travelling down that long road ahead. and death is around every corner cuz there is no time left(you see what I did there:p)
  • Although I miss these characters I wouldn't want this because they died and didn't survive and all those theory's about Carley still alive is bull shit because fell to the floor dead and when you die you turn so there is no way she was still alive and even if she was alive she would be dead now through starvation, too many zombies and no weapon to defend herself with and think of all the injuries she would incur trying to get away from zombies (broken arms, legs, cuts, gashes etc) she would need meds etc. No I would not like that because it would be stupid:)
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    K0t0 BANNED
    Another carley fanboi forgetting doug
  • K0t0;708943 said:
    Another carley fanboi forgetting doug
    fixed now thanks has doug forgot about him
  • Not another thread...
  • My reaction to Carley's death:

    "Well, shit."

    My reaction to Lee's bite:

    "OMG! Let's do something about this! He still has time! Amputation! etc."
  • K0t0;708943 said:
    Another carley fanboi forgetting doug
    I didn't save Doug, I was being comparative to my own game.
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