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Which voice actor delivered the best performance?

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  • "Come back here and finish this Lee!" -Andy St. John (Adam Harrington)

    ...Dat soundtrack..
  • this poll is a little bit unfair because some actors had much less lines than the others
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    magzhi;709692 said:
    this poll is a little bit unfair because some actors had much less lines than the others
    True, but would you say that is an advantage or a disadvantage? The more lines an actor has, the greater the chance that she/he fucks up, don't you think? ;)
  • I never really liked Chuck's line: "Ask not... bell tolls... etc. etc. etc." It felt out of place and real forced... I mean really, as though any human being in that situation wouldn't say "Hey guys, look!" or better yet, "Shit! Shit!!" I guess his line makes more sense in the trailer than it does in the episode.

    I voted for Lee's line "It's Over!" and Andy St. John's line had a very close second, mostly because I think the dialogue exchange between them at the end of Episode 2 was brilliant... particularly when Lee leaves Andy to die and Andy just moans "Lee, Lee..." it had chilling effect on me.

    Actually, I think Episode 2 had most of the best voice acting, and was the most cinematic of all the episodes. For instance when Lee tells everyone at the dinner table about Mark, the nervous chatter that follows is excellent.

    Honorable Mention: Kenny when Lee talks him down to stop the train. His voice acting made me very sad. I couldn't be mad at him again after that.
  • magzhi;709692 said:
    this poll is a little bit unfair because some actors had much less lines than the others
    Look at Chuck and Andy. They currently have eight votes. High for this poll, yet Andy only appeared in Episode 2, and Chuck in the end of 3, and beginning of 4.
  • Oh my god, I couldn't choose between Andy and Chuck. Andy's death was very emotional, and the first time I've felt pity for a psychopath. On the other hand, when I first saw chuck I thought I wouldn't like him(being a dirty hobo). But he really grew on me, and the Bell line was very epic.
  • Lee all the way.

    (ch1) You want to get violent you old fuck?! I'm not gonna let you lay a hand on him or ANYONE! IT'S ME BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!

    Lee to Larry when he wanted to throw Duck out in the street.

    (ch2) I said.. IT'S OOOOVER!!

    To Andy St. John after you decide to not kill him.

    (ch3) YOU.... are NOT coming with us!

    To Lilly after... I still can't believe she did that =(

    Really haven't picked a favorite line from ch4 though... still in shock over what happened at the end =(
  • its to hard to think of the best, so i tried to think of the worst and work backwards but i couldn't do that either.

    In most games i turn on subtitle straight away because there is often a disconnect between how the person is delivering the lines and how the words work together in the context of the scene, but with TWD i could even miss a few words and still get the feeling of what they were saying (like in real life) the only reason i have recently turned subtitles on is because i always do and noticed they weren't on.

    So i congratulate the actors for doing a great job, and also whoever it is that lets the actors know exactly how they are supposed to deliver the lines so they sound like they are in the same place in the game as me and not just some non-contextualised reading of lines.
  • Chucks line is epic. If chuck survived in episode 4 do you think he would dig up the dog and bury fivel the attic boy. LOLOLOL. Chucks mighty shovel
  • what no clems: i don't know...

    for shame..
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