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[TWD] 360 saves corrupted

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First off, I want to say that I have felt extremely let down in terms of support. I am extremely dissatisfied with the lack of any communication between me and Telltale "support"

Now the actual problem. My 360 saves are corrupted. My saves no longer have my choices. They all recommend restarting at the first episode with random choices, even though I have beat every episode besides 4.

I don't know how many issues there are with 360 customers. But seeing a stickied thread for just PS3 Users and their save corruption, and that Telltale is communicating ONLY with Sony, infuriates me. This isn't just a PS3 issue, and I feel Telltale is handling all these problems with the poorest of customer service.

Please delete my other thread. I do not believe Telltale will look at it because I didn't put TWD in brackets for the title.
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  • I only had one save slot. I was halfway through episode 4. I went to play it today, loaded the game, and chose play at the main menu and then my save slot one labeled episode 4 and then I choose the continue game option. The next thing I know It has started me at the start of episode 1. I then went back to the main menu and my only save slot now shows episode 1. If I go through the episodes screens and hit Y for Stats it only shows me the stats for episode 1 as if I just finished episode 1. The episode 1 screen also has the rewind option all the way to the ;last section of episode one but when I play it starts be at the beginning of episode 1.

    I deleted episode 4 from the storage on the xbox hard drive. Started up the game and it still shows episode 1 on my save, but now if I go through and look at the episode screens and hit Y for stats it shows me the stats I choose for finishing episode 2 and 3. So that's better, but now I'm afraid to start and choose continue game and risk erasing things. It is not giving me a rewind option for episodes 2 or 3 but shows me my finished stats I choose in each of the episodes.

    What should I do? Wait for a patch? Is there any chance I can be able to play from at least the start of episode 4 so I don't have to play through 1 through 3 again. I mean they were fun but I don't have 5 or 6 spare hours to replay them.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are still testing the patch and checking for issues like this. You can start Episode 4 directly with random choices, and do not have to play prior episodes first.
  • Thanks for the reply. I did see I could play episode 4 with random choices and I tried it late last night but many of the choices then in the previous episodes were different than I choose, so it kinda defeats the purpose of playing them initially. I don't want to play episode 4 with big choice differences. I guess I'll have to wait for the patch.
  • MattP;707658 said:
    No, once the patch is released, you should only need to restart your console and it should take effect. Since we are still testing this, I can include more specifics once they are known.
    Thank you for helping me out with this. I've been going crazy trying to deal with this myself.
  • I play on the xbox 360, and this is how I got episode four to work:

    So, I excitedly bought and downloaded episode four. I have previously gone through episodes one through three on save slot 1, and only the first episode on save slot 2. Those are all the save slots I have used. When I fired up the game to play episode four, it would tell me that I had only completed episode one no matter which save slot I selected. I then deleted the save file on which I had only completed episode one. Now, when I selected my main save file (save slot 1) it said that I had not completed a single one of the episodes. Strange, I thought, and tried copying my main save file to save slot 2. Lo and behold! It would now load my main save file.

    In conclution, I do not know if this will work for everybody, and I'm sure people have already tried this. It's not a brainiac solution. I suggest copying the save file for the entire game through the xbox's storage options first, but if you are experiencing the bug where only one of the save files are being loaded, pin pointing which one it is and copying the save file you want to play on there might do the trick as it did for me.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The sticky thread on this subject can still be found here.
  • Cthulthe, I was able to do something similar and it showed my progress halfway through episode 4 and let me start where I left off... however, I noticed that it had randomized the choices in the previous 3 missions. So I'll wait for the patch. I'd prefer playing the Lee that I started with. The whole idea of the game is that it is based on our choices so I'd like to finish it that way too.
  • Episode 4 has been out since the 9th & there is still no patch? PS3 got one within a few days. :rolleyes:
  • I also experienced the same problem as Shadowsong13. I've been using just the one save file. I played a good chunk of Episode 4, and then saved my game and quit. But then later in the day when I went to pick up where I left off, things went haywire. I would be on Episode 4, and press A to continue, but it would start me at the beginning of episode 1 for some reason. I tried a couple times and eventually I got it to restart at episode 4, although the beginning. The other episodes still have stats, and the "previously" contains scenes that I remember, so I think all my choices are carrying over. But it won't save my game.

    I tried again this morning, and decided to just play from the beginning of Episode 4 again, and just now when I went to continue my game, it AGAIN started me at the beginning of episode 1, even though I was clearly on the Episode 4 title screen and pressed A to continue.

    The thing that's annoying is that once this happens, my game save file now says Episode 1. So I'm guessing that all the progress I made going through Episode 4 AGAIN has been lost. Again. I really don't want to have to play through all of Episode 4 in one sitting, so I think I'm just going to have to sit on it and wait until a patch is released so that I can play it like the other three. Too bad, too, because I was really really enjoying it.

    I'll just keep an eye on the forums, I guess...
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