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"She's your daughter?"

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Okay. I want to know what people chose at this response from Vernon. Referring to Clementine, Vernon asks Lee if she's his daughter. I simply said "yes" because I thought lying was the only way to make him come with me to get out of the sewers. What were your reasons for your response?
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  • No, because they looked like good people ( excluding Brie ) and people in this game always seem to find out if you're lying.
  • I said no, it's better to be honest with everyone from the start so they won't find out any secrets later on. I was going to lie, but I didn't want anything to happen later on in the game if he suddenly found out Clem isn't your daughter, because all too many times arguments have unfolded in the worst possible times on TWD.

    I would be interested to find out what others have said :)
  • I am Clem's Father. If you adopt a child your there "parent" not biological but paternal just like me and Clem.

    And he did call me out for it i thought in my head if i didn't say clem's my daughter i would sound like a pedo
  • I said yes, but I didn't consider it lying. After what has happened, I would consider her Lee's adopted child.
  • Told the truth and said "no" when asked if Clem is my daughter. My Lee is not a liar or a thief. He is a killer however.
  • That was yet another decision where I didn't really know what to pick. So I went with my gut and picked "No". Thought it might be better if I were honest.
    And it's weird because he follows up saying something like "I had a daughter too...", even though you just said she isn't your daughter :D
  • I said yes and also didn't consider a lie ( and was kind of mad at Vernon for being pissed about it ). Like someone above said, at that point, I genuinely looked at Clem as a daughter.
  • I said yes in my first save (my "first instinct" file) because I thought it would make him more likely to show me the way out. In the end it doesn't really make a difference so I'm not too bothered that I lied.
  • I felt like it'd be the only way he'd help me so I told him yes.
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