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Jurassic Park Won't Install

posted by BrianTSimonson on - last edited - Viewed by 650 users
Hello, I purchased Jurassic Park and I can't get it to install on my mac. this is the first game I have purchased from you. I clicked the Download for Mac Icon and the download JurassicPark100_setup.dmg opens but isn't progressing. Am I forgetting something? It said I would need my username and password to unlock the download, but so far I have only used those to sign in. Help?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Are you having trouble downloading the installation file or opening it once it's downloaded? If you have OS X Mountain Lion, make sure you disable Gatekeeper to allow the installation file to download correctly. Also, make sure you don't have any anti-virus programs running that would prevent the install from commencing.
  • i made it work thank you!
    but now the game keeps reloading to the beginning during episode 1 when she is hacking through the jungle and won't progress. i've seen a few of the same complaints on here and was wondering if there is a fix to that bug?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please make sure you are loading your save and not loading through the scenario menu. Scenarios loaded individually will return you to the main menu when they are completed.
  • una pregunta yo lo instalo pero cuando pongo el usuario y la contraseña me dice que "Lo sentimos, pero no podemos encontrar ese nombre de usuario. Compruebe y vuelva a entrar su nombre de usuario para acceder al sistema".. y cuando pongo el imail me dice "Lo siento, pero parece que no son propietarios de la versión completa de Jurassic Park".. ¿que quiere decir que me falta?
  • I cannot open the application file after the download. It asks for username and password. I used the ones from logging into the Telltale site, but it says bad username and password. What am I doing wrong. Took three hours to download so I am very frustrated.
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