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  • QuarterPounderVlad;710226 said:
    Kenny for president.
    no lee for president
  • Ninnuendo;710034 said:
    Kenny doesn't deserve all the excuses that are being made for his despicable behaviour. I'll write off some of them though and leave what's remaining

    1.There's no excuse for him running out on Shawn, none at all, Duck was safe.
    2.There's no excuse for saying he'll help you with Danny, then leaving you to die
    3.There's no excuse for doing nothing and leaving you to die underneath a door

    But mostly

    4.There is absolutely no fucking excuse for abandoning a kidnapped child, simply because you don't like her carer. That is utterly despicable.

    My crime in all this and his justification for being a complete prick? I didn't let him murder someone and wanted to stay somewhere safe.

    Fuck Kenny.
    How do you know Duck was safe? It's not like zombies couldn't have been aproaching from all sides and were about to overrun the farm. Hindsight is 20/20
    He helped me with Danny. Anyway he was pretty pissed at your Lee and wasn't going to charge a man with a gun to save his life. Danny could have easily turned and shot him, like how Kenny was shot by Andy.
    You're Lee risked his family's lives and risked them getting eaten for Larry. He pretty much hates your Lee. Also the room was filling with zombies and its better for one to escape than none. Just because he doesn't go Rambo and dives in to save youre Lee and lift a heavy board while zombies approach does not make him a bastard.

    And I agree number 4 is pretty bad. But you are basically inviting him to go on a
    Suicide mission. Walkie Talkie Guy seems to be constantly watching them and is completely confident. They have to hunt through walker filled Savannah with no leads in the hope of finding Clem.
  • ^this
    My Kenny saved me from Larry, helped me with Danny, was shot when he charged Andy, helped me when caught under the door and didnt need to be asked to help rescue Clem. Hell, I disnt even need to ask, he was coming with me after Clem and wasnt having it any other way.
  • IndigoHawk;710082 said:
    Hmm, let me try again. Kenny isn't driven by a sense of right or wrong. He's driven by protecting his own, as you say, and I agree that other characters put their family first, too. However, Kenny's the kind of guy who always has an excuse for why he has to do the wrong thing, instead of the guy who finds a reason to do the right thing. That's what I mean when I say that Kenny has no moral compass and is in danger of becoming a monster, especially now that he doesn't have his family (and Katjaa in particular) to be his conscience.

    Kenny is the type of person who says ...
    ... we have to let the girl be eaten alive by zombies BECAUSE it's too dangerous
    ... we have to kill Larry BECAUSE there's too much risk
    ... we have to steal these supplies BECAUSE we have to survive

    Kenny sees the necessity in doing harm to others.
    Also, think about Kenny's boat plan. Kenny was upfront with Lee from the very beginning that maybe not everyone would fit on the boat. Does Kenny care that people will be left behind to die? Maybe, but that's not what's important to him, as long as his family is taken care of.

    So, if the boat had been there and there wasn't enough room, Kenny would have decided
    ... we have to leave people behind BECAUSE they won't fit on the boat

    See? Kenny always finds an excuse to do the wrong thing. He is loyal to those he cares about, but always makes sure that a couple people are defined outside his group, so that he knows who to throw under the bus if the time comes.

    I think that since Kenny is so tribalistic that he will only descend further into violence as he finds more and more reasons why the needs of his tribe necessitate doing the wrong thing by other people.

    Put another way, imagine if Kenny had the St Johns farm. I think Kenny would cannibalize people BECAUSE that's what he needed to do for his family.

    I think some of the other characters at this point still try to do the right thing, while Kenny increasingly does the wrong thing and justifies it. If he's already fallen this far in a couple months, how much worse will he get? In some playthroughs, he's already a danger to Clem:
    ... we have to leave Clem behind BECAUSE the boat is more important

    Fortunately he's not as far gone as that in everyone's playthrough, but I don't think Kenny has enough moral fiber to last much longer without being an outright danger to people in the group.
    Since Kenny left the boat to help me find Clem and had sympathy I think he does feel empathy for other people. And while he doesn't concentrate on other people and is constantly thinking of survival doesn't necessarily make him a bastard. Sure he makes the smart but cold hearted choices but that doesn't necessarily make him evil. Is he brave or heroic? Not really but then that's probably why he survived so long, by driving past others who could use help. Not being a hero doesn't make you a bad person. I agree with him on the three decisions anyway, would I necessarily turn to cannibalism? It's a pretty huge jump from take food from car whose owners are probably dead to eat others to survive.

    Besides how is Kenny a danger to Clem, let alone anyone else? None of his decisions so far has put anyone in danger, they are normally comcerned with keeping people safe. Lee's that save Larry put people in danger to do the "right" thing. Refusing or failing to help doesn't make him a danger anyway, otherwise Ben is a huge danger. I think people get all dramatic when talking about Kenny and talk about him eventually murderin others but think about this. If Kenny didn't shoot Ben with the shotgun in the bell tower soon after hearing what he did, I don't think he will ever kill someone in anger or for truly cold hearted bandit style survival.
  • KingOfTheDead;709838 said:
    I swear in episode 1 shawn said "it's not like it is in the movies" maybe there are zombie movies or he may be referring to killing people and movies
    Yeah the second thing you said. Rick Kirkman said that there was no zombie stuff about so it built up the characters fear even more, and Telltale would not of gone against that (well I hope) because it would just be crappy lol. But good point, I hope Shawn meant killing and murdering etc not zombie movies.
  • TWDFTW;710352 said:
    Yeah the second thing you said. Rick Kirkman said that there was no zombie stuff about so it built up the characters fear even more, and Telltale would not of gone against that (well I hope) because it would just be crappy lol. But good point, I hope Shawn meant killing and murdering etc not zombie movies.
    Maybe he could have been talking about killing in general but we'll never know
    and no zombie fiction thats weird because zombies were part of african culture they used voodoo dolls which was one of the origins so that never happened
  • IndigoHawk;709605 said:
    You can't really have a case for/against Kenny, since he does different things in different playthroughs.
    While true, we do know how he reacts to what you do, and that is always the same. He winds up hating you and getting pissed off horribly because you decided to not murder an old man. That is true regardless of how you played.
  • Kenny and Lilly have both equally good, each one has some flaws and cons, but at the end they are both great. Can't we just stop discussing about it? Also, most people is using examples that depend on their ingame choices, which just doesnt work as an argument :|
  • I mean... Kenny can be both a dick and a bro depending on your choices. The point is that he is a little paranoid, no matter if you do or not like him. While he does have good ideas, he is just mentally unstable, and I'm not saying its just after the death of his family.
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