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The Fate of the Group

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I know there's threads like this but i think i know what happens to the group i think everyone will perish because i remember in a thread there's one set ending im pretty sure no matter who you bring with you back to the house even though the herd is around

Into the Fire:
Im pretty sure no ones gonna dies in this chapter

Twice Shy:
Maybe "once bitten, twice shy" has to do with lee avoiding another zombie but this zombie leads to the death of a group member. I think crista im saying this because the picture for this chapter it looks like a woman you can even see the pony tail.

There aint no way:
I predict Kenny's death sounds like something he would say. Maybe the boats gone and Kenny says "There ain't no way". There's a group of zombie's eating something so maybe kenny dies.

This one quite easy to guess i'm thinking this has something to do with a group member on the verge of dieing and and they want you to put them out of there misery by dropping them into the herd so you can get away. since the image shows the arms of the hurd and two other hands

The marsh house:
Lee somehow tracks Clem down to the marsh house. He and the only other survivor you have with your group end up in a fight with RM(radio man). Rm
fights and kills the other group member but that allows lee to get RM and take him down. You interrogate him and choose to kill him or let him die. He tells you were Clem is in the house. His last words are check the bag.

Whats in the bag?:
No idea maybe something is in the bag maybe something of Clem's maybe from her mom. This one i don't know.

stay close to me:
Lee tells Clem he is bitten. They go on a journey trying to find a new group for her.

What remains:
I think before lee dies he gives clem his camcorder.I liked the idea of us seeing a recap of our choices and how it effected Clem we get to see lee talk about all the stuff he did on this camcorder.

Thats what i think of course this might not be right, so people post your ideas. Images thanks to Christoaster
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  • Into the fire is gonna be into the horde of zombies
    twice shy is going to be someone bit or death of a character
    there Ain't no way is kenny saying something
    mercy might be killing that stupid radio bastard
    the marsh house might be finding clem's "undead" mom
    what's in the bag might be finding a vaccine or a cure
    stay close to me might be getting to the boat
    what remains might be clem in a safe place
  • yeah but no one dies i said^^ the figures in the back are your group members
  • I think "What's in the Bag" is a reference to the movie "Seven" where Brad Pitt asks "What's in the Box?" and we all know what's in the box, do we?
  • Sounds like the episode is split into 2. The first half is about rescuing Clem and probably losing all of your group. The 2nd half is about finding someone to take care of Clem, firstly looking for her mum (which obviously isn't going to end well because) then Lee and Clem looking for someone else. My feeling is that, because of the title, it'll be a case of ringing a church bell to call Molly. Then time runs out.
  • I'm not sure everyone will die, after all there's the possibility to do the 5th episode alone so there should be other explanations to these titles.
  • detectivemax;710647 said:
    I'm not sure everyone will die, after all there's the possibility to do the 5th episode alone so there should be other explanations to these titles.
    Exactly. Good catch.
  • I don't think the characters left at the boat will be out of the episode for too long. They just won't be at the beginning of it.

    Omid's leg gets bitten multiple times while he's lagging behind cuz of his injury, Christa tries to save him and gets killed to. If there not with you they get killed in the house.

    Fast forward near the end of the episode where everyone is running to the boat with the walkers behind and Kenny gets killed.

    Ben? Ben survives if you brought him. The entire thing :D

    Lee dies unless he chops it off and somehow it works.

    Clem survives until the very end where it's revealed she was bit and she kills Lee on the boat or kills Ben if Lee is already dead.
  • Every one dies except clem :D
  • Viner16;711218 said:
    Lee dies unless he chops it off and somehow it works.
    Seems very unlikely. As you can see from the "Stay Close To Me" image, Lee still has both of his hands. I guess that rules out amputation.
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