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posted by Lokan on - last edited - Viewed by 179 users

I've placed an order (06/12) and was informed that some items were on backorder status (my order included the Sam & Max limited Hardcover). My question is if the limitied Hardcover is reserved as an preorder item or if it could happen that I wouldn't get one (due to some other backorder items).

My order ID: 7166314300

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: Hope the Crossbones Hat & Season 2 Bonus Disc is avaliable soon :)
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  • Hi Lokan,

    It's actually the animated series that's holding up your order. More of those are on the way to the warehouse now and I expect your order to ship early next week. A hardcover has been put aside for you (along with the other items) and as soon as the animated series DVD is in stock, the whole order will ship.

    And for anyone else wondering about the hardcover - don't worry! If you place an order for it, you'll get one. Since this is a limited edition item we're keeping a close eye on the inventory, and we will absolutely not take more orders for the book than we can fulfill.
  • Thanks for the fast reply.
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