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  • Ninnuendo;709390 said:
    It's a boat, not a plane, I'll work it out. Chuck him overboard

    Yah know!!
  • Viner16;709401 said:
    Screw Kenny >:(

  • Malphaxis;710475 said:
    If you condem Kenny its because youre either A. not married with kids of your own or B. have no real life experience in truly life or death circumstances.
    Larry was gonna kill Duck & tried to kill you.
    In my experiences Kenny did what I would have expected and in my world Larry wouldnt have lived long enough to make it to the farm.
    Not attacking anyone, just throwing it out there.
    35 have an x wife, 2 kids and 2 step kids. )Not going to get into the internet tough guy thing with "life or death circumstances") And I condemn Kenny with venom. Family isnt an excuse for weak moral character.
  • How about looking at this another way?

    Some people are bros with Kenny, and some aren't. Some feel Kenny has accepted Lee and Clem into his family. I agree that if Kenny has accepted you as family, he'll back you up and even sacrifice for you.

    However, look at how Kenny interacts with people who aren't in his circle. What if Christa/Omid are in trouble? What if they needed medicine but Kenny didn't need to go to Crawford because he had everything he needed for the boat?

    Do you think Kenny would help Christa and Omid? No. Kenny is loyal to his own, and if you're outside that group, you're on your own, and you should probably watch your back.

    In fact, with regards to the boat, Kenny made it clear that he's using everyone. They can all travel with him, but when they reach the boat, he sees it as his boat (even though everyone worked to get there), and everyone else will have to fight over spots. So, he uses the group to stay alive, but he's not loyal to them. He's not going to say "We can't go on the boat because not everyone will fit." He'll say "You have to stay behind because you don't fit on my boat."

    If Kenny didn't have his family, he would be a bandit by now. He doesn't care about hurting people who are outside of his group or using people. He doesn't even care about hurting people who are inside the group, if they aren't in his inner circle.

    So ... Kenny can be loyal but he's also a bad man who will do anything for his group, no matter what it does to others. He's only going to get worse now that he doesn't have a family to keep him in balance.

    However ... for the people who have taken Kenny in as part of their family, they have provided some moral stability for Kenny. Kenny is willing to give up the boat to instead go for Clem, not because she's a little girl in trouble, but because she and Lee are part of his family. What little is left of Kenny's morality does not come from within, but from being part of a group and being watched by his group. When he's on his own, he leaves women to be eaten alive by zombies, and murders people he hates. If you're not part of Kenny's inner circle, he's a danger to you, because he has no sense of right or wrong beyond protecting his group.

    Kenny is basically a gangster, loyal to his gang and a threat to others.
  • Let's all look on the bright side. In Episode 5, Kenny will: A) Die, or B) not be there at all. As someone from Team Kenny, I must say I wasn't happy about him coming with me to save Clem, so much as I was happy I'd get to see him die as a result of it. He said we were friends to the end, so I'm going to take that literally and have him die with me. After saving Clem of course.
  • zfan330;710638 said:
    Family isnt an excuse for weak moral character.
    says the guy with the x wife.
    I find that ironically funny.

    So tell me, you wouldnt have gone for your kid first?
    You wouldnt have moved him to a safe place or tried to pass him off to his mom before heading back to the danger?
    And where was Hershal while his son was in danger?
    The event is scripted as it is, but if he would have run with the pitchfork in his hands to his son instead of going for a gun, well..
    zfan330;710638 said:

    ..Not going to get into the internet tough guy thing with "life or death circumstances" And I condemn Kenny with venom.
    PC chair arbiters are a funny bunch.
    Im referring to my time in combat where if its zombies or Op-For, it doesnt matter when your life and the lives of those depending on you are on the line.
    I make the reference and I stand behind the statement because if you haven't ever been in a life or death situation, then you dont know how you'd really react.
    Its easy to judge when you've no idea.

  • Ninnuendo;709384 said:
    Ep 1 - He abandons Shawn, literally runs off, even though his child is safe

    Ep 2 - He suggests you might be useful at lockpicking because you're "urban"

    Ep 2 - He kills Larry as you're trying to save him

    Ep 2 - He tells you he'll back you up handling Danny St John, instead he leaves you to die

    Ep 3 - He causes a massive argument at the motel over leaving and is the root cause of the paranoia that leads to Carley, Duck and Katjaa dying.

    Ep 3 - He once again leaves you to die as you're trapped under a door

    Ep 3 - He drops you while trying to get on the truck

    Ep 3 - He fucks you over by blabbing about the girl you kill/leave to die infront of Clem

    Ep 3 - He tells you your criminal past will be a factor in getting a place on his boat

    Ep 3 - He tells you to leave Lilly behind to die, both at the motel and on the road

    Ep 4 - He drops you again when trying to escape up the fire escape.

    Ep 4 - He wills you to let Ben die

    Ep 4 - He refuses to help save Clem

    He stands accused of hypocrisy, selfishness, racism, murder, alcoholism, cowardice, carelessness, trouble making, disloyalty and of being judgemental and uncaring.
    Kenny defenders, make your case for the accused because I'd gladly use him as a zombie bait given his charge sheet.
    Ep 1 - Well, you are right. That was one of Kenny's bad moments. But he was scared (I am pretty sure you would try to run away, too). Furthermore he tried to bring his son to a safe place.

    Ep 2 - I helped Kenny, because I was scared of Larry. He would have killed us if he turned.

    Ep 2 - He helped me with Danny, because I helped him with Larry. You probably tried to save Larry. That may be the reason why he did not help you.

    Ep 3 - Hm, when was Lee trapped under a door? I cannot really remember. :eek::eek:

    Ep 3 - He did not drop me on purpose. That is not a reason to hate Kenny.

    Ep 3 - Clem did not hear Kenny, did not see?

    Ep 3 - It actually makes sense. Lee's criminal past makes him dangerous for his family. I would rather save an innocent person than a murderer.

    Ep 3 - Yeah, you are right. There was no reason to leave Lily at the motel, but he had a reason to leave her at the reason.

    Ep 4 - It was an accident. He did try to save me, you know.

    Ep 4 - He helps me with Clem, because I was pro-Kenny.
  • Zylinderknopf;711027 said:
    Ep 2 - He helped me with Danny, because I helped him with Larry. You probably tried to save Larry. That may be the reason why he did not help you.
    That'd be fine except for one thing.

    He tells you to go check on Danny and that he'll help if you run into trouble. He blatantly lies to your face and then leaves you to die.
  • Ninnuendo;711071 said:
    That'd be fine except for one thing.

    He tells you to go check on Danny and that he'll help if you run into trouble. He blatantly lies to your face and then leaves you to die.
    It isn't a lie if you help Larry. He probably really DID intent to help you. I've seen the scene both ways, and when he leaves you, it looks like it's because he's afraid. He even comes out of the stall with the "I'm sorry, I fucked up" look on his face, rather than the "you handled yourself, didn't you?" kind of "fuck off" look he gives you if he leaves you under the door. Still, that puts him pretty much on the same boat as Ben because he lets his cowardice get the best of him if you try to save Larry.
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