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The saddest Scene of TWD

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I have 2 saddest Scene's of twd that is: In the office of the drugstore and with that little kid in episode 4 that starved to death. And that sad music that they put in when they were in the office dude come on do they want to make us cry?
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  • I think Lee's brother was #1 for me, followed by the poor kid in the attic and having to take care of Duck after Kenny's wife shoots herself.
  • Duck's demise was the saddest part. He was brave and was willing to help as much as Clementine. They were both young kids who were friends. Then he gets bit, gets sick and you or Kenny has to shoot him before he turns into a walker. While this builds up the story and emotion for the player, it goes against what Telltale games states; "A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series." :rolleyes:
  • Le quack.
    Duccccck... Y u leave so soon?!
  • duck, starved kid walker, clems haircut,

    the moment the dead dogs head fell off (no more chance for resi style zombie dog)
  • Saddest scene would be Lee getting bit. Fuck Duck. He was like a Ben Jr. And I saved him the misery of growing up into a slightly more intelligent zombified version of Ben.
  • I would actually say Ben's final scene (if you choose to let him go).Ofc,Duck is right next to him,but the way the camera moves and the way he falls was really tragic. :)
  • Saddest part for me was the boy in the attic, and having to bury him. It was haunting because I had already lost Duck, and Clementine is the only kid I have left in my group to save. Just another reminder of the possibility of losing Clemy. :(

    Most disturbing and emotionally wrecking part for me was watching poor Clementine eat HUMAN MEAT... I felt so sick the rest of that episode, (being vegetarian, didn't help much either...) I was trying so hard the entire game to keep her safe and pure, but after watching that I almost lost it.

    EDIT: Actually the saddest part, was watching Carley get shot in the face. Totally unexpected, and I was in total denial figuring out she dies regardless of what I said to Lilly. I was hoping to get romantic dialogue with Carley, and she would of made for a good mother for Clementine. She really had her head together, and reminded me a lot of a female version of Lee.
  • Saddest part for me has to be either axing lee's brother.. man why did you have to click so many times :( or attic boy, yes duck was said but to hit kenny with that straight after was just torture(ps kenny is my bro)
  • The scene that i find it as the saddest is when Lee and Andy fight while the whole group see the fight, the music (Its over) made it soooo sad which also makes me feel sorry for the group that they didn't expect that from St Jones.
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    They're was a ton of sad ones. I say the meat freezer one. Because you can hear her screaming for him. It just provokes emotion while other ones are dead and zombies. This game is very well made for moral choices.
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