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Disney Buys Lucasfilm (and other stories)

posted by BlankCanvasDJ on - last edited - Viewed by 20.1K users
...and, by extension, LucasArts (since that's what we all really care about, I know).

I know, with the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones being snatched up, the LA catalogue probably isn't a big priority but I wonder what this could mean for the future of some of our favorite adventure games?

Could a Monkey Island theme park ride be in our future? Hmm.
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  • Soooooooo, anybody want this to happen?

  • Zeruis;710594 said:
    Just saw this in the news. Wow. There goes Lucasfilms...
    What do you mean 'there goes Lucasfilm'? It's been gone for years.
  • MusicallyInspired;710849 said:
    What do you mean 'there goes Lucasfilm'? It's been gone for years.
    Honestly, the big thing is "There Goes ILM". ILM and Pixar were already in trouble for collusion to, essentially, worsen the conditions for CG animators. Now that there's one less employer in the area, ILM and Pixar can treat CG animators as badly as they damn well please.
  • GaryCXJk;710848 said:
    Soooooooo, anybody want this to happen?

    Not this guy!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Rather Dashing;710853 said:
    Now that there's one less employer in the area, ILM and Pixar can treat CG animators as badly as they damn well please.
    More of Steve Jobs' wet dream, but STILL scary.

    In Drew Struzan's "Art of" books, he describes how he was treated both by Disney and Lucasfilm. Drew is friends with George Lucas, and still his disgust at the bunch of crappy suits is visible. While doing his Indy 4 poster, he even describes this treatment as the central experience forcing him to retire. But with George buying most of Drew's art for his own home, Drew would never complain. With Disney, he doesn't describe the suits. He describes a gross disregard of his work. Like the Adventures in Babysitting poster found in the Disney archives face down in a puddle of water. Like the Indy ride posters where Drew was forced to literally call up Harrison Ford to get permission to use his likeness, as Disney refused to do it themselves.

    I can't say what the worst company for the creatives is. I really can't. But Disney is huge, and there are some pretty competent people at SOME places.

    Since Disney acquired the Muppets in 2004, not exactly the worst things happened to the franchise. The last movie has at least sparked some rainbow colored tears in here, if I remember correctly.

    But Disney WILL ride all its franchises to death, worse than Lucas ever could. What has been good and new with Pirates of the Caribbean will be something to puke on in movie number five.

    What COULD have been good and new - the wonderful looking single player RPG "Armada of the Dead" based on the PotC franchise - was cancelled in development. Is this what we're facing for LucasArse Entertainment now, great announcements exploding midway in development?

    I mean, it's not like this isn't exactly what LucasArts had been doing for some time, from Full Throttle to Sam & Max.

    Concerning Star Wars VII - ah, well, whatever. In one of the articles Fawful has linked to Lucas tearfully proclaims that it more or less hasn't been his franchise any more anyway, as all the novels after Episode VI weren't meant to be canon anyway. With Star Wars, we have trodden in the inescapable realm of bad fan fiction for 15 years now. If Disney makes slightly better fan fiction, congrats and everything. Thumbs up.

    But if Disney really sees LucasArts as what it has been for a decade now - "the guys who let other guys do Star Wars games", we really are fucked here. Is outsourcing even something Disney would do?? Because if not, ToMI2 will remain a dream forever.

    And I REALLY do not want Disney to acquire Telltale.
    Oh. Please. God. No.
  • Vainamoinen;710875 said:
    I REALLY do not want Disney to acquire Telltale.
    Oh. Please. God. No.
    While there's certainly a chance that this buy-out will prompt Disney's rivals to consolidate similarly, I'd say that Universal would be a more likely buyer for Telltale, if anybody hypothetically was going to. There'd be no point another studio making a grab for a computer games company if they'd have to surrender the best-selling licences that it's already got.

    Okay, now that I'm done raging, I must say something here. I don't hate Disney or even dislike them. I just think that they've got way too much shit. Besides, now I have a reason to stop supporting 20th Century Fox.
  • I've talked to my bro about this, and all he could say was he hopes they won't F it up, but, considering LucasFilms already has done all it can to run the series to the ground, Disney can't do worse. In fact, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an indication, Disney just can't go wrong.

    And I really think most are overreacting here. It's not like LucasFilms is disappearing, in fact, now with George Lucas out of the way, they probably have more freedom than ever.
  • ryannumber1gamer;710679 said:
    Well, we all know what's coming.....a Disney Channel show.
    Disney show already confirmed. Considering Disney owns Marvel and there isn't any crappy tv shows on there(unless Avengers/Ultimate Spiderman got crap reviews, but I'm pretty sure they were well recieved), I'd say we are fine in this respect.

    We'll probably get more Clone Wars or possibly a new tv show all together.
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