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Sam & Max The Movie

posted by StewG on - last edited - Viewed by 5.7K users
I was just wondering if there ever would be made a Sam & Max movie.

I´m sure Steve Purcell could put something together. That would just be the best thing ever.

If anyone has an idea, please post it, and if not, then find one:p
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  • someguyfromazoo;70952 said:
    Thanks for burning the traumatizing image into my brain,Wolf!

    But a Sam and Max movie would be awesome.
    How about the return of hugh bliss.
  • MY EYES!IT BURNS US!*Head asplodes*
  • See what I mean!?
  • I think they already made a movie about a rag tag team of three-piece suit wearers driving in a massive sixties car with an authoritative decal on the doors fixing injustices while wearing stylish fedoras and causing millions of dollars worth of hilarious property damage all while in the backdrop of a major metropolis.

  • Hasn't anybody learned anything from spider man movies especially spider man 3 which should have been called petter parker 1. Spider man was in the movie for only 10 minutes in fact black spider man was in it more than spider man.Gone was the funny spider man with wise crack puns. Personally I don't think all the new spider man movies should be called spider man now. I know that many people don't like canon I can ignore the fact that in the original comic goblin didn't die, that Brock helped remove the black spider man suit or that Harry was not an enemy but the movies did not even get their personalities right not to mention the spider man love story which happened much later. In fact the films influence was so great that they completely changed the story of the orginal comic. Now you don't want that to happen to Sam and Max.
  • FWIW, the original Goblin actually did die in the comics. They brought him back during the Secret Wars IIRC, instead of Harry as they had originally planned.
    And Harry wasn't an enemy in the movie... either... well, at first, but it was the same in the comics.

    Besides, the movies exist in a different continuity than the comics. They don't need to tell the same stories.
  • And Sam & Max have practically little to no continuity at all!
  • That's one thing that adds to their greatness, you can never have read any S&M stuff and still pick up the comic and enjoy it to it's full extent. I'd love to get into sooo many comics but I just don't know where to start with them because of all the stories and back stories.
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